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Visit to Straits Cafe Singapore Sensation

Straits Cafe is a standout Malaysian restaurant in Melbourne and a gem in the eastern suburbs. We were drawn to this restaurant upon reading that Ben Shewry from Attica was known to visit.



After two visits to Straits Cafe in Studfield Shopping Centre I'm planning for more, salivating over their authentic flavours freshly cooked. Famous for their Char Kway Teow, we're not sure if we've eaten a better rendition. Wok infused smoky taste and char, and quailty noodles and ingredients. For CKT lovers this is a must order. We hear you can add heat, so we may do this next time.straitshor3


Part of a humble strip of shops in Wantirna South , Straits cafe is often packed at lunchtime, often with lines out the door. Having waited in such a line I was excited to finally get a table and meet with my friend for a Malaysian feast. Straits cafe serves up Malaysian classics, as well as weekly specials and there's always something new.



Hainanese Chicken rice was a generous portion and quality all the way.


Also famous is the Sar Hor Fun with its rice noodles with egg gravy creamy goodness. Silky and rewarding.

Nasi Lemak is also a hit with Chicken, fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaves, served with sambal, as well as eggs and anchovies.


Beef Rendang is melt in your mouth with the right amount of spice. We should have enjoyed this with rice but ended up pairing it with excellent Salted Fried Rice (rewarding in itself).



Lobak is fun and a great starter to the meal. As are the Chicken Spare Ribs.


Fit out is clean although its not an opulent multimillion dollar architecturally designed restaurant. It's a humble expression that serves great food. Staff are friendly even under the pressure of this popular restaurant. Worth the wait for a table. Highly recommended.