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Join Mozhdeh Martial Arts Club in Altona North

Mozhdeh Martial Arts Club is a highly successful world class family owned martial arts academy in Altona North that is popular with all ages and boasts members who have participated (and won medals) in international competitions.

If you're wanting to get fit and healthy, as well as pick up skills in self defence, Mozhdeh Martial Arts Club is a great place to join. Often families train together sharing a common interest and boosting their fitness. Lil Tigers, Juniors and Adults can all train with a view to boost confidence, teach discipline and respect in all classes. Also check out the special offers for new members wanting to join!

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At the recent National Championships the fighters from Mozhdeh Martial Arts achieved some amazing performances to scoop 5 Gold medals, 1 Silver, and 2 Bronze medals. You can join up by contacting the school by phone or emailing, and you can also book a free trial. 

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Mozhdeh Martial Arts also has a large program for kids. Children can be involved in classes as well as school holiday programs of fun where they learn new skills. With discipline even the kids can earn their black belt in Taekwondo! 


We interviewed Arash Mozhdeh about Mozhdeh Martial Arts Club:-

1. What is the philosophy and aim of MMA?

The philosophy of MMA is to provide our students with the highest quality of martial arts training and instruction available in a safe and positive learning environment that people of all ages can enjoy.
The aims of MMA:

   a) to develop our student's skills through Progressive Learning Process and Syllabus, to monitor their development and to help them to achieve their goals, 

   b) to produce World Class quality Champions of the future through a disciplinary program, strengthening state of mind and discipline. 

2. Do you get people travelling from across the city to be part of MMA? Do you wish to attract all age groups and people?

Yes, we have students travelling from across the city and Eastern suburbs with over 20km travelling distance. Our competitive advantages are that 1) our Club is a family owned business, led by Arash Mozhdeh, with all the family members involved in Taekwondo, from a Taekwondo Referee at the National competition level in Australia (Shahnaz Mozhdeh) to International Taekwondo Champions (Arash Mozhdeh and Eisa Mozhdeh).

Therefore, we really understand; and have the skills, expertise and knowledge in training people from different age groups, including Family in which the Father and his children train together at our Club; and 2) Arash has an extensive experience in training Taekwondo overseas and competing at the International levels, namely Greece Open, Oceania French Polynesia and Malaysian Open to name a few.

I (Arash) started competing since I was 7 years old, I am still competing and training in preparation for the Olympic Game 2020. Hence, I am always updated and really understand the Sparring Competitions rules and what's required to win at the State, National and International levels. 

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3. What are the benefits of MMA? Do people get fitness? Competent in self defence? More confident?

Yes of course, for people who prefer to do Fitness Kickboxing and Traditional Taekwondo (please visit our website for more details in the different programs that we have on; our missions are 1) to help our members to be fit and healthy. It does't matter how old you are, people want to be fit and look good as this will boost their confidence and they will feel good about themselves. Healthy body leads to healthy mind!, and 2) to also teach our members self defence so they can protect themselves, be brave and confident. 

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Arash and Eisa Mozhdeh at the Malaysian Open 2018.

4. What are some of the achievements of MMA? I've heard there is success at competitions. 

Yes, through our Olympic Taekwondo training program or what we call Comps Team, we provide a pathway for our students to compete at a Club, State, National, International or Olympic level. 

At our most recent competition in September 2018; we came home with 5 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze Medals at the National Championship. Arash had a few medals this year from his International competitions as mentioned above (details on and so did our Coaches; Eisa, Fred and Stella at the International competitions in New Zealand and French Polynesia. 

We not only do Sparring but also Taekwondo Poomsae training and competition as well as Referee coaching. Our training is tailored to suit all age groups with different goals and purposes. 

Apart from the above, I also do Personal Training which can be tailored to focus on Taekwondo, cardio, strengthening, conditioning, boxing and kickboxing. I work together with my clients to understand what their goals are and help them the best that I can throughout the journey, so they can achieve their fitness goals. I was also trained in Muay Thai when I was in Thailand. 

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5. Is there a social benefit to joining MMA? Can you make new friends?

Yes of course, we are a Family owned business and all of us are friendly and positive. We treat our students, members and each other with respect and as part of MMA family and friends. 

We learn, grow, make mistakes and win together; and most importantly we support each other to succeed. 

We know exactly when to have fun and when to be serious, we had team events in the past from doing the Kokoda Track Memorial Walk (1000 steps) to celebrating our 1st anniversary together with the team in July 2018.

6. What other comments do you have about MMA?

MMA is established and created not only from my passion in Taekwondo but also from my life experience for over 20 years. My team and I are solid and I am confident that together we can help you to achieve your fitness goal. 


Facebook & Instagram: Mozhdeh Martial Arts

For membership details please contact 0468932898. 

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