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A Day at The 2018 Australian Open with Lavazza

Lavazza is a major partner of the Australian Open and provides an epic coffee and hospitality experience at The Australian Open, being an iconic coffee company with loads of tradition since 1895 in Turin, Italy. The World Loves Melbourne was treated to a day of indulgence and finery as a guest of Lavazza.

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First things first, grab a coffee! Upon arrival at the 2018 Australian Open we were escorted to the Lavazza Cafe at Gram Slam Oval, a two story custom built coffee destination. The vibe here is convivial and the coffee par excellence! Innovation is a key and we were treated to the most extraordinary breakfast. Specialty Lavazza Chemex filter coffee paired with a breakfast designed by Chef Simon Moss of Brunetti - Confit potato hash brown, toasted bread sauce, quail eggs, coffee caramelised pancetta and Italian Osietra caviar. OMG! This was a sophisticated take by Simon Moss on "benedict eggs" of the highest order! A breakfast to remember and perfectly paired with Lavazza coffee from the cafe.

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On a gorgeous Melbourne day we imbibed on the top deck of the Lavazza Cafe, watching the world go by. With the odd celebrity on hand (including Andre Agassi), Lavazza Cafe is a hot destination for the 2018 Australian Open!

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We had to take a few pics of this breakfast as it was so impressive. Having enjoyed breakfast we realised there was much more to come as we were to be satiated in the Lavazza Superbox all day at the tennis!

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Lavazza offer coffee for all temperatures!

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Thanks Simon Moss for your brilliant innovative dish! All our favourites to start the day including caviar. The Lavazza filter coffee was superb.

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Can you ever drink too much coffee? My third coffee was a delicious latte.

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One of the features of a day with Lavazza is not only the coffee, but the advent of personal top notch chefs. We enjoyed the hospitality of Simon Moss (right) for breakfast, and then it was over to Giovanni Pilu (left) from acclaimed Pilu at Freshwater in Sydney for the Lavazza Superbox.

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Upon arrival at the Lavazza Superbox at Rod Laver Arena we were treated to epic Charcuterie and Cheeses.

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A spacious Superbox, personal chef catering and beverages, and a stunning view of the tennis, along with first class company. What more could you want?

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Coffee, trout and yoghurt was a refreshing, tasty and brilliant dish by Chef Giovanni Pilu.

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Nuances and the fine touches by an iconic chef, not your usual corporate box catering!

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Keen competition on court with the ability to open the windows up in the Lavazza Superbox, made for an enjoyable tennis experience.

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Giovanni Pilu is not only a talented chef but he engages with everyone. He cleverly worked with Lavazza coffee in this inspiration of his dishes.

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Another highlight was the Lamb rump with Lavazza coffee infusion, pictured here before the emulsion etc was added. Served with pea puree, asparagus, lemon, mint and an egg emulsion. This dish had all the foodies in raptures.

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After an excellent dessert I realised I had seen 3 matches on court and made great connections at this epic event.

Of course Lavazza is a family run business since 1895 in Turin now for four generations! The experience and quality are evident even here at the 2018 Australian Open. What a day in the Lavazza Superbox! Thanks to Lavazza and Kate&Co!