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Fitness First High Performance Club Launched in Melbourne

The World Loves Melbourne has been invited to experience the brand new High Performance Club from Fitness First, incorporating specific styles of athlete-inspired three dimensional training for members to become stronger, faster and leaner with the latest in fitness analysis technology.

Located at 546 Collins Street, Melbourne, the High Performance Club looks at exercise from a different perspective, encompassing the specific skills, elements and training styles of athletes.

Fitness First gave The World Loves Melbourne an impressive analysis on the state of the art equipment, with a print out of key measurements and performance indicators. The World Loves Melbourne did well on some measurements, but there's room for us to improve on others. This lifestyle of constant fine food and wine needs to be balanced with a savvy dietary and fitness regime.

The unique club provides a wide range of science-based training options for members to explore including a specially designed MoveLab, which features camera and digital analysis software to record movement, function and strength for overall assessment. “The groundbreaking Fitness First High Performance Club program helps the body move better and makes it better able to cope with daily challenges.

Like athletes, we have to be mobile every day, whether it’s climbing stairs, crossing a road or doing the gardening. The benefit from using the MoveLab and taking the performance score is it gives us a starting point to assess where you are at. From here we can recommend programming and exercises which will give you the opportunity to improve your performance markers.” Michael Cunico, National Personal Training Manager, Fitness First.

Fitness First provides two assessments within the High Performance Club, the High Performance Score and the 360°Performance Analysis. The High Performance Score is a fitness assessment where members will receive a score based on a combined result across strength (max and dynamic), condition (speed and agility) and power.

The 360°Performance Analysis assessments provide a comprehensive analysis across four variables: biology (body composition, metabolism, bone density), conditioning (Aerobic Capacity), strength (maximum strength and velocity) and movement (measured and recorded in the High Performance Club’s own MoveLab). The new club has on hand a team of Fitness First Performance Coaches ready to motivate, support and train members whilst incorporating the new state of the art technology.

Following one-on-one MoveLab sessions, members receive individual training programs, which provide the techniques required to improve overall performance. The High Performance Club professional support includes 1 on 1 personal training sessions, periodised Group Training sessions and a 12-week program review. Fitness First’s signature High Performance Group Training Classes are also included in this revolutionary new club, delivering a range of circuit, strength and conditioning classes via a weekly club timetable.

Members are also provided continued access to a new dedicated Recovery Studio to focus on stretching, release and reconditioning programs. Along with the MoveLab and High Performance Group Training classes, the club also offers free weights, cardio conditioning, ground base Hammer Strength training, Human Sport cable machines, Woodway Performance treadmills, a 20m athletic track, High Performance strength cages and Olympic Lifting Platforms. With the latest in fitness analysis technology and Fitness First Performance Coaches at the ready, the new High Performance Club measures strength and condition in multiple dimensions to show the current general fitness level of the individual and establish new fitness goals.

The World Loves Melbourne sees this approach as the future of fitness programs, and the ability to develop strategies based around quality information from state of the art analysis is a huge advantage. Get on it.