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Spa Treatment Heaven at Amara Wellness Centre in Brunswick


Best spa treatment in Melbourne! How about treating yourself! Get rid of the stress and step into luxury. Rated as one of the best spa treatments in Australasia, Amara Wellness Centre is the perfect place to visit for relaxation, health and wellness treatment. The World Loves Melbourne (David and Sam) were invited to experience a Hammam treatment plus Endermotherapie and Endermologie.

Notable is the number of Melbourne VIPs that visit Amara Wellness Centre, with the ultimate in luxury wellness treatments. At the time of writing this review several days after our treatment we can still report that we feel great and glowing; and rejuvenated and detoxed! Many celebs come here (with full confidentiality) so word is out there that Amara is a hidden gem in Melbourne!

We'd heard about Hammam treatments from our European friends, with a large sauna and spa culture evident in Europe. Of course Hammam is the traditional Turkish spa treatment, a ritual that invigorates body and soul. Dr Zara has brought the delight and beauty of the Hammam treatment to Melbourne. If you've never had a Hammam, then you should, it's amazing!

We were met delightfully by Dr Zara and taken to the relaxation space for Turkish tea and to explain the process. It sounded wonderful to us; four hours of imbibment! Yes we were used to the odd one hour massage - but this is in a different league!

After changing into our bath robes we were given an expansive Endermologie treatment; a non invasive massage that acts like a suction unit promoting circulation of the blood and other benefits. The massage was deep and for someone who spends multiple hours on a computer, it got right in to the tight shoulders and neck. Endermologie increases blood circulation and is great for skin firming and detoxification. Samantha has received so many comments about her skin after this treatment (honestly it makes a difference).

We were then led in to a steam room/sauna where we relaxed; one of the best steam rooms I've ever been in with clouds of steam streamed every few minutes. We were served water from silver jugs as we enjoyed the relaxation of the steam room. Sweat and sweat and sweat - toxins coming out - then the refreshing cold shower that takes your breath away.

Already we were feeling rejuvenated and relaxed! 

At the beginning of the Hammam ritual, you will take a warm shower and put on a silk/cotton pestemal – a special Hammam bath wrap. Next, you enter the steamy Hammam of your choice, and sit for around 15 minutes – this prepares your skin for the exfoliation process. 

Finally, the whole body is moisturised and massaged using organic, natural argan oil (we selected our preferred oil). Using a special glove called a kessa, your Hammam specialist therapist or tellak exfoliates the body from head to toe, before cleansing the body using savon noir, a traditional soap made from olive oil. Detoxification is enhanced using mineral-rich rhassoul clay from the Moroccan mountains. This is also applied to the hair and the scalp. So soothing. So beneficial.

After the treatment we were brought back into the relaxation space and given Turkish tea, almonds and chocolate and a fruit platter. We felt lavished on.


We were then taken into another room for LPG Huber Motion Lab stretching; something not part of the treatment but Dr Zara helped us with (as she basically cares for customers). As we say, it's more a wellness centre than a beauty centre.

We can't speak highly enough of Dr Zara and the Hammam treatment and Endermotherapie and Endermologie. We immediately thought of highly stressed CEOs and Corporates we know that would benefit from this treatment. Get on it!