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Attica x Koko Black Chocolate Degustation

A collab for the ages, offering the best of chocolate and a stylish degustation. After years in the making, Attica, Australia’s most innovative restaurant and Koko Black, the country’s most innovative chocolatier have used commonalities to break the mould, pushing the boundaries of flavours and alchemies, to produce a limited edition degustation gift box titled ‘Stories in Chocolate by Ben Shewry’ and a retail range of three hero handcrafted chocolates transcending category and defying expectations. We were gifted a sample of chocolate, experiencing this amazing collab ourselves.


Celebrating all things naturally extraordinary and unexpected, the two artisan brands’ shared passion for challenging conventional norms and celebrating the flavours of home has produced an unmissable offering that makes delicious things even better. Signature dishes that have made Ben Shewry and Attica worldwide celebrated names have been reinterpreted in the form of premium, world-class, distinctively Australian chocolate, satisfying the curiosity of foodies across the country and sharing the gift of true culinary creativity with all.


The Stories in Chocolate limited-edition degustation gift box offers 10 unique courses designed for two, packaged in an elegantly crafted package that will be open for pre-order from 5th September. From nostalgic inspired moments to earthy notes and everything in between, each element will pique curiosity, pushing the boundaries of what one knows and loves about food. Inspired by Attica’s celebrated signature dishes, and the stories behind them, the limited-edition gift box will include modern heroes from A Simple Dish of Potato Cooked in the Earth it Was Grown, the iconic Lamb Brick, and Attica’s Secret Basque Cheesecake.


Inspired by the curious mind of Attica’s Ben Shewry and Koko Black’s Remco Brigou, chocolate connoisseurs can dip their toes into the journey, discovering a trio of creations, including Finger Lime Clouds, Plight of the Bees, and Ben’s Rocky Road. These handcrafted chocolates celebrate Australian creativity, offering flavours and delights unlike any other experience, and is available in-store and online.

Koko Black x Attica Finger Lime Clouds

In a first-time partnership, Koko Black Head Chocolatier, Remco Brigou shared his craft of artisan chocolate with one of Australia’s most celebrated chefs, Ben Shewry to bring Stories in Chocolate to life.

Koko Black x Attica Lilly Pilly Ripe

“Embarking on this journey with Ben enabled me to experiment with new and unique flavours. Both Koko Black and Attica celebrate quality produce and local ingredients to create extraordinary experiences for others to enjoy. I’m proud to represent Koko Black in this new adventure that transcends the boundaries of artisanal craftsmanship,” Remco concludes.

Koko Black x Attica Plight of the Bees

This offering invites Australians to discover the stories of Ben’s New Zealand childhood and impressions of Australia.

“In the last decade, I’ve found inspiration behind my creations through meeting new people and being immersed in art, music and culture. I really believe in the philosophy that you can only be the best version of yourself and that you can't be anybody else. And I took this into my collaboration with Remco and Koko Black to ensure we brought our worlds together to create something extraordinary for others to taste and experience. This offering truly celebrates Australia. ” Ben concludes.

Koko Black x Attica Terroir

The partnership between Koko Black’s master chocolatier and one of the country’s most exciting creative minds pushes the boundaries of chocolate. With irreverent charm and a collaborative vision, be swept away by a journey that draws on ingredients and flavours that showcase the breadth and depth and a devotion to excellence.

Degustation gift box for two people, RRP $449 includes:

● Course one: Benmite and Crackers

● Course two: Terroir

● Course three: An Ode To A Simple Dish Of Potato, Cooked In The Earth Which It Was Grown

● Course four: Plight of the Bees

● Course five: The Lamb Brick AKA The Dish That Saved Attica

● Course six: Attica’s Secret Baked Cheesecake

● Course seven: Finger Lime Clouds

● Course eight: Croc Fat Caramel

● Course nine: Lilly Pilly Ripe

● Course 10: The Pukeko’s Egg

● Custom Dinosaur Design Plate

● Marlux Pepper Mill

Trio of bespoke creations available in store and online at

● Finger Lime Clouds (60g) RRP $19.90

● Plight of the Bees (100g) RRP $19.90

● Ben’s Rocky Road (130g) RRP $19.90

● Gift Cube of three chocolates RRP (290g) RRP: $64.90

Trio of bespoke creations via from 5 September
Pre-orders for The Degustation gift box is available from 5 September via

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