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Visit to Cambodia's Kitchen in Melbourne CBD

Cambodia’s Kitchen is the first Cambodian restaurant in the CBD, and it's super impressive in every way including authentic tastes and affordability, bringing the best of Cambodia to Melbourne. We were invited along for the experience, and left satiated with mind blown.

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Packed restaurant with line up out the door.

With few Cambodian restaurants to be found in the whole of Melbourne (and prior to this opening zero in the CBD) brother and sister duo Ivanra and Linna Hun are on a mission to put Cambodian cuisine on the map; introducing a new world of flavours to Melburnians. We met Ivanra who is a wonderful host and exudes passion for Cambodian food.

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Cambodian staples, notably pork or chicken on rice.


Situated at 175 Russell Street, Cambodia’s Kitchen is the first Cambodian restaurant in the CBD and offers a world of distinct dishes steeped in traditional flavour and flair, straight from the Hun family recipe book. A self-taught chef, Linna heads up the kitchen with knowledge handed down from her mother and grandmother.

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Soup and Noodle heaven.


Offering an authentic gastronomic exploration of one of the world’s most unsung cuisines, Cambodia’s Kitchen pays homage to family recipes, traditional flavours and cooking techniques.

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Unlike neighbours Thailand and Vietnam, Cambodian food is subtle with spice but bold in sturdy garlic, lemongrass, lime leaf and galangal flavours, that Ivanra and Linna source from local suppliers, as well as a few hard-to-find items direct from Cambodia.


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Customers can expect an array of local staples including stewed beef noodle soups, Cambodian-style friend pork or chicken on rice or a must-try Signature Cambodian noodle soup featuring a fragrant clear pork bone broth, topped with fresh rice noodles and toppings, served exactly as you’d find it in the streets and home of Phnom Penh. Highly recommended.