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Vegan Dishes at Red Pepper Indian Restaurant

Red Pepper Indian restaurant in Bourke St in Melbourne's CBD is a haven for vegan dining, as well as for vegeterian and non-vegetarian dishes.

For vegans, Indian food has always been a great option, and Red Pepper prides itself on authentic and traditional Indian flavours. Vegan Indian recipes are plentiful because Indian food is just so veg-friendly to start with! While vegetarian food in India isn't necessarily vegan, it can easily be adapted to vegan. You can travel to India as a vegan and eat so many amazing vegan dishes there, but Red Pepper brings the best of vegan dishes to Melbourne.

While Red Pepper has a large amount of vegetarian signatures it also features popular vegan dishes that delight diners. The menu is ever evolving so new and varied dishes are offered, with seasonal produce also featured. The below dishes are examples of current vegan dishes on offer - 

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Potato Cauliflower is a popular vegan dish featuring Aloo Cauliflower, eggplant and potato tossed up with spices. This dish is packed with flavours, super comforting, vegan, and is popular in India. The added spice is a welcome addition.

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Mushroom Pakora delights with its texture and authentic flavour. This dish is one of the healthiest pakora dishes; the portions of nutritious mushroom are deep-fried. It's a taste and texture triumph; crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside. Pakora batter (a light not heavy batter) is usually made with chickpea flour mixed with spices.

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Potato Leek is another delightful vegan dish. Potatoes and leeks are popular vegetables and are combined here in this vegan dish. Often you see potatoes and leeks in a soup, but this is a "dry" offering. 

Red Pepper also features other vegan dishes such as Yellow Daal.

Red Pepper is perfect for groups as they offer a wide range of dishes to suit every taste.