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Best Melbourne Western Suburbs Cafes

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The World Loves Melbourne has visited a plethora of Melbourne Western Suburbs cafes and we have selected our top cafes. The West has seriously great cafes that are some of the best in Melbourne, worth a trip across town. (The World Loves Melbourne has spent considerable time in the West).

In no particular order - 

1. Sourdough Kitchen

2. The Cornershop

3. Footscray Milking Station

4. Seddon Deadly Sins

5. Noisette

6. Duchess of Spotswood

7. Station Street Trading

8. Candied Bakery

9. Common Galaxia

10. Le Chien

11. Hausfrau Bakery

12. Mies

13. The Premises

 1. Sourdough Kitchen - Seddon. 

Sourdough Kitchen is a charming cafe in Seddon with vintage style decor and ambience. Known for their epic bakery products, they didn't disappoint with the Chicken and leek sausage roll (also have a Pork and fennel sausage roll). We were curious to explore chicken mince in a sausage roll.  Sourdough Kitchen is about free range and organic products. The chicken and leek filling was superb. The fit out is almost a nod to yesteryear with a nostalgic ambience. Somewhere to relax and unwind.

 Check out the sourdough breads. Also try the popular Vegan pies and Vegan sourdough croissants for tasty treats.


2. The Cornershop - Yarraville

The name on many cafe lovers' lips when it comes to western suburbs cafes. Yarraville's finest and hipster central, The Cornershop is a standout for its ambience. The menu is fairly simple but has a range of options set to please a variety of tastes, including salad lovers. Sitting out in the courtyard on a warm Melbourne day is sensational, that is if you can score a table. This cafe is usually well attended and has a strong local following. This is a great place to relax and imbibe.

The Cornershop has a cool ambience inside with large windows, funky lighting, big communal table and white brick walls. We've enjoyed perennial favourites that have been on the menu for some time now, including the pides, the meatballs and the steak sandwich. Coffee is a priority here and hits the mark.

And who can resist those Desiree chips with aoli?

3. Footscray Milking Station - Footscray

Footscray Milking Station is an engaging cafe located in the burbs in Footscray, and a secret hideout for local council workers. Once upon a time it used to be a milking station. Unlike many other cafes it is actually located right in a neighbourhood - not a cafe or shopping strip. It's "as local as local gets". Come here of a weekday morning and you'll be lining up for coffee - usually it's a packed house. Grab a table and be prepared for friendly service and tasty treats. I'm amazed at how well the staff do under pressure, with (nearby) Council crew enjoying a coffee or breakfast before their working day starts.

We love the quirk factor here. Footscray Milking Station serves up first class coffee in retro cups. Enjoy the timber floor, exposed brick, tasty treats in cabinets and boards with specials. Service is friendly if not charming, and the small cafe is intimate. Check out the old milk bottles used for water (quaint).

4. Seddon Deadly Sins - Seddon

Seddon Deadly Sins is a funky cafe in Seddon with a clever name and a culinary excellence. Seddon has become a cafe haven these days and Seddon Deadly Sins is one of the finest.  The decor and menu isn't predictable (presented inside a little Golden Book). Locals love this place for its style, if not quirk, and for its dining spaces (including the outdoor courtyard). Seddon Deadly Sins has a funky ambience with great use of timber and glistening varnish on the tables. Interesting figures and quirky pieces adorn. I enjoyed the distressed wall, Phantom comics wallpaper, red lamps and cabinets with tasty treats. The mood is alternative and this includes the music selection.

As we discovered at breakfast, Seddon Deadly Sins both coffee and food are top notch. We recommend the Spanish eggs or even just poached eggs on sourdough. Also known here for some fine creative latte art. Daily specials appear on its legendary specials board. Apart from the creative dishes and descriptions, I dig the writing style and signage here.

 5. Noisette - Port Melbourne. 

Noisette is undoubtably one of the best cafes and bakeries in Melbourne, with a plethora of high class items. We get the impression they supply the buns for some of Melbourne's best burgers. All manner of tasty fresh baked treats here. They do it all - croissants, macarons, cakes, breads - even wedding cakes! They exude French style and flair.

Noisette is one of Melbourne's best for bakery products. Come here for breakfast; try the Ham and Cheese toastie, the Breakfast burger or the Croque Monsieur.

6. Duchess of Spotswood - Spotswood

Duchess of Spotswood is a bold piece of English style sophistication that stands out like a beacon in Spotswood (semi industrial pocket in the shadow of the West Gate Bridge). It’s a top notch café that could convert Republicans into Monarchists. Forget what’s politically correct when it comes to culinary enjoyment. Duchess of Spotswood goes into overdrive on flair, class and sheer indulgence.

Duchess of Spotswood is a charming and cheeky establishment that occupies an old butcher’s shop. It advertises itself as an “unashamedly British café” where the cooking is influenced by passion, nostalgia, seasonal produce and fun. Yes fun! Order some of the classics here and throw away the calorie chart. The celebrated Duchess of Pork is another popular breakfast selection. The hearty portion of pork is delectable, and with two free range eggs is amazing! But then throw in some truffle sauce, black pudding and sourdough with a tub of butter and you are fuelled for the day! The English love a good “fry up” as my family heritage can testify, but this is “fry up” with class. I felt slightly guilty eating such fare but enjoyed the defiance of turning the food pyramid on its head.

The coffee here is also excellent and Duchess of Spotswood takes it’s coffee seriously. A wonderful creamy velvety latte satisfied my Saturday morning craving. There’s plenty of action behind the counter and the baristas are skilful on the La Marzacco. Some of Melbourne’s outstanding blends are here including Proud Mary and Seven Seeds. I enjoyed the Candyman blend from Auction Rooms. An attractive selection of cakes lures you to the counter.

Duchess of Spotswood brings an air of sophistication with crystal chandelier and smart timber floors. A smallish restaurant it boasts hip modern art (on canvas) on the walls. Tasteful flower arrangements also add to the ambience. Slick table service with engaging staff is impressive. One also appreciates the newspapers set out on the chunky timber table, which was the old butcher’s table. 

7. Station Street Trading - Port Melbourne

Station Street Trading in Port Melbourne is a stunning cafe in a refreshing precinct opposite a decent park (Smith Reserve). Sit outside on a pleasant Melbourne day and imbibe. The owners of Station Street Trading have developed a delightful character building and delivered on cuisine and ambience with flair. This is a unique setting compared to the bustling rush of many city cafes.

I enjoyed dining at a pavement table opposite the park. My visit was on a fine day but when it gets cold the cafe supplies blankets to take away the nip outside. Come here to a trendy cafe strongly supported by locals.

The menu at Station St Trading is seasonal and has an emphasis on local ingredients. Daily specials are available - making lunch for interesting for nearby workers. The breakfast menu hits the spot with this gourmet version of a big breakfast. The presentation of The Station St Stack is superb with quality bacon on skewers, killer beetroot relish, perfect eggs, and avocado and mushrooms to please. It's been a perennial favourite since the cafe opened. It didn't feel like a big fry up, more like a gourmet pleasure. One of the best breakfast options in Melbourne! Yay for interesting (as opposed to predictable) breakfast selections.

8. Candied Bakery - Spotswood

Candy I won't let you go! Candied Bakery is an American style bakery sensation in Spotswood and another success in the West. Unlike almost any bakery I've been to this place hums with quality, style and imagination. This is about nuances with quality ingredients and friendly interesting spaces to dine and imbibe. Candied Bakery turns the staid quaint bakery concept on its head with its modern offerings and fit out. You can eat in and enjoy sausage rolls, almond croissants (popular at work), great fresh breads, buns and amazing pies.

Candied Bakery is also famous for its delectable hot cross buns at Easter... 

The Candied Bakery concept has been influenced by bakeries, food and flavours encountered by Toula and Orlando on trips to the USA and Europe. Inspired by their experience, Toula and Orlando decided it was time to re-work known and loved Australian classics while tempting their customers tastebuds with some of their U.S and European favourites.

Among Candied Bakery’s signature products is Orlando’s Aussie meat pie. Not only is it made with 100% organic grass-fed beef, it is made from scratch - a rarity in most commercial bakeries.“It’s a classic meat pie using top quality organic beef. We wanted simple and delicious, and we wanted to use all natural ingredients”, say Orlando.

Candied Bakery also gets you going with doughnuts that excite more than bring guilt. Italian custard that will make you groan. These ended up being a treat for the office staff - beats the usual drab office cakes.

9. Common Galaxia - Seddon

Common Galaxia is a funky if hot hipster cafe in Seddon that impresses with its amazing coffee, cuisine and modern fit out.  This is a serious coffee haven with coffee from iconic Melbourne Seven Seeds and Market Lane. I remember when this cafe opened and it was taken by the style of the cafe - I would come here before work and imbibe the ambience. Green benches, great use of timber, a curved counter, large windows, and funky light fittings - spectacular use of shapes and different textures built by Fido Projects. Style in Seddon, which is more often than not, grungy.


The food at Common Galaxia is excellent, even though the coffee is such a standout featuring a Synesso and fine baristas. Were these guys one of the first cafes to feature the smorrebrod sandwiches, now a trend in Melbourne? Check out the Common Galaxia Big Breakfast, Breakfast Board and the Herb and Cheese Scrambled Eggs.

10. Le Chien - Seddon

Le Chien is a funky almost grungy cafe in Seddon that pleases with its sharp service and brilliant cuisine and coffee. Set back from the main strip, Le Chien is an interesting place to meet friends and is more alternative than commercial. A highlight is the sophisticated art on the wall and the tribute to Iggy Pop. The small portrait of Iggy Pop comes with the caption "I wanna be your dog." Of course Le Chien is French for "dog" - my French is brilliant I know. But I immediately recognised the reference to the song "I'm bored" by Iggy Pop, a song we used to play in my time with band The TV Dinners. Iggy pouts and exclaims he is "living like a dog...." I won't quote the rest of the song...

Again, this is quirk central, like many cafes in the West. The coffee and food is excellent, and includes famous Corn fritters and some home made treats.

11. Hausfrau Bakery - Yarraville

Hausfrau Bakery and Cakes is a stunning large bakery in Yarraville that oozes elegance and character. Popular with the locals it's a great option for a meal or coffee, with gourmet cuisine at reasonable prices. These are foodie people with a passion.

Walk in to a bright space and make your way to the display cabinets. Hausfrau has compelling selections such as gourmet baguettes, quiches, salads, pies and delectable cakes. The kitchen out the back is expansive and lends itself to creativity and variety. The theme is European and the class of this place belies that of the average bakery. Apart from the food, the attraction of Hausfrau is the delightful ambience. The feel is like 60s cool with retro furniture, vinyl flooring, quirky objects on the walls, lampshades, cushions, and chic tiles. Hausfrau gets packed out at lunch times and the cafe is buzzing.

Hausfrau is a standout in Yarraville, a suburb brimming with cafes. 

12. Mies - Spotswood

Mies is a great cafe in Spotswood and is popular amongst the locals. Come here for great food selection and amazing coffee. In fact it seems coffee is the speciality - not only have I enjoyed exceptional coffee from Mies but I was able to purchase their beans from a broad selection.

Mies takes their coffee seriously and their staff are super helpful Order a great brew and enjoy the modern interior. Which is exactly what I did, at reasonable prices.

13. The Premises - Kensington

The Premises is a superb cafe in the heart of classy Kensington. The precinct is fabulous and The Premises is a standout in terms of service, coffee and cuisine. We know its not way out West, but we have included The Premises in best of the West.

With so many great coffee places in Melbourne, cafes with a great ambience have that something extra. The Premises lives up to its name as a great premises, an iconic building of classic architecture with combination of grungy concrete floor and tiles, cool lamps, large windows with natural light (dare I say streaming in), and quirky retro pieces around the room. The cafe is actually split level and both sections are attractive.

The room with an outlook on to Bellair is appealing with a cool communal table with retro green chairs and large floral arrangement, with large modern art on the wall and large menu board. Also attractive is the timber work and exposed brick by the counter. Check out the French Toast and the Breakfast Roll. The Premises also has a strong local following.