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Staycation at Balgownie Estate in Yarra Valley

Newly launched suites at Balgownie Estate are a real hit with loads of style, plenty of space, well-appointed, and feature breathtaking views from the balcony, giving guests an immersive Yarra Valley experience. 
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We enjoyed a superb stay in a new suite including relaxing with a Balgownie Estate wine on the balcony taking in the views, soaking in the large bath, then a top notch dinner at Restaurant 1309 (modern Australian cuisine promoting local produce and an extensive wine list) and a delightful buffet breakfast in the morning.
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A packed restaurant for dinner on a balmy Melbourne night was perfect.
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Strolling around the grounds is therapeutic in itself with attractive gardens and sweeping views. The main building is still relatively new and one of the most modern and attractive designs in the Yarra Valley.
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Breakfast was simply outstanding in terms of choice and respect for quality local produce.
Service was outstanding throughout. Balgownie Estate is a great option for accommodation (one of the largest in the region with 70 rooms), events and dining in the Yarra Valley, only about an hour from Melbourne.