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Food Blogging with an iPhone 6 Plus

When Apple announced the release of the iPhone 6 Plus I was immediately excited, as I recognised the benefits for those of us who are bloggers. Several months on, how has the iPhone 6 Plus performed? Does it offer more for bloggers? The World Loves Melbourne says yes!

Here are some benefits of the iPhone 6 Plus that make it a game changer over previous iPhone models...

1. Improved Battery Charge

The iPhone 6 Plus has a significantly improved battery charge than my previous iPhone 5 and that rocks! As a blogger I can be at several events in a day, and battery charge is a big deal for me to properly cover events. There's nothing worse than visiting an event you intend to "cover" and having a battery charge meltdown.

With the iPhone 5 I always had to be mindful of battery charge - it was a constant challenge. Just a few Instagram posts, checking of emails a few times, and some Twitter posts, and your battery drains big time. With the iPhone 6 Plus you can actually get nearly a whole day on the initial full battery charge unless there's heavy usage. With the iPhone 5 I had to re-charge the battery through the day - I practically had it connected to the charger whenever I could.  We're told that a bigger phone can afford to have a larger battery. A big tick for the iPhone 6 Plus is the improved battery life!

2. Larger Size Is Awesome

The larger size is awesome - what are some people complaining about? Like anything, once you enjoy it and get used to it, you wonder how you can ever go back to the previous model. When you're using your phone nearly all day as a blogger it's helpful to have a larger 5.5 inch screen (iPhone 6 is 4.7 inch). This is like my iPad tablet. One of the highlights for The World Loves Melbourne is the larger screen for web browsing, apps, You Tube clips and videos. It's easier to write notes and emails on. Pretty much anything on. And more icons per row of display. When I pick up my old iPhone 5 now it feel so small like a little kids phone. Couldn't go back.

The iPhone 6 Plus fits in my pants pocket. It fits in my jeans pocket. It even fits in many of my shirt pockets even though I prefer not to store it there. No problem with pockets!

The iPhone 6 Plus is difficult to use one handed (even though there's a one-handed mode) but this isn't a big deal for The World Loves Melbourne, as I have always used two hands when it comes to smartphones.

Of all of the iPhone 6 Plus users I know, none of them regret buying the larger sized iPhone. But I know several people who have smaller phones that regret not buying the larger iPhone 6 Plus.

3. Beautiful Display

Not only is the iPhone 6 Plus large but it has a beautiful full HD display. I enjoy calling up my own blog/website to present to others on the iPhone 6 Plus. We love the IPS Retina HD display with resolution of 1920 x 1080 (iPhone 6 is 1334 x 750). The iPhone 6 Plus is sharp sharp sharp. And viewing angles are decent.

Image credit Apple website

4. Improved Camera Performance A Game Changer

This is a game changer! Up until now I would contend none of the iPhones cameras and photos were good enough for a website or blog. The iPhone 3 and iPhone 4 produced very average photos but many bloggers like me used them when we didn't have a decent SLR in our hands. Blogs and websites are becoming more visual these days and you need decent professional looking photos. The other reason bloggers used their smartphones was because they are less intrusive than say a SLR with a large protruding lens. But the iPhone 6 Plus changes the game with a photo quality that is for the first time good enough for blogs and websites. Don't get me wrong I still use my SLR for most shots, but now it's a combination of SLR and iPhone 6 Plus. Also the images are improved for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook - 3 vital social media platforms for the blogger.

Image stabilisation is a game changer. This is the benefit of the iPhone 6 Plus over the iPhone 6 and it's worth it for the blogger. I don't know about you but I like to shoot quickly and don't always stay still and controlled in my photo taking. The iPhone 6 Plus locks autofocus faster. The iPhone 6 Plus helps get rid of those pesky blurry photos, especially in low light. In fact the ability to cope with low light (slower shutter speed) is a big deal for food bloggers who have to take pics in dimly lit restaurants. All of us will appreciate not seeing as many of those trashy dark blurred photos by food bloggers (where you struggle to make out what the food actually is). The iPhone 6 Plus is also excellent with photo detail, accurate colours and white balance.

And we love the high resolution panorama mode!

The iPhone 6 Plus is still only 8MP camera but the photo quality is greatly enhanced in comparison to previous models.

5. Improved Processor Performance

As a blogger I'm into multitasking. With the iPhone 6 Plus there's the benefit of an A8 chip 64-bit processors and iOS 8 and better CPU performance. Just faster.

With iOS 8 the Photos app brilliantly divides the classes of photo into folders for landscape, time lapse, video etc, great for bloggers. You can also store Favourite photos in a special album.

6. Improved Wireless Performance

The iPhone 6 Plus comes with greater wireless performance, notably speeds. As a blogger I'm on the move and need a responsive phone.

7. Improved Capacity

Having a 64G phone is cool, and as a blogger I need all of that capacity for my endless photos. Sure I should upload photos and wipe them off my phone but I don't always get around to it. I like to keep a stack of photos on my phone for social media purposes.

8. Fashionable

Food and fashion bloggers live in a world of style and the sleek curvaceous design of the iPhone 6 Plus is fashionable. Plus the colours are cool - I've elected to go for the Space Grey while my wife loves the Gold.