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Lexus Partners with Chef Luke Mangan at 2023 Melbourne Cup Carnival

Lexus will draw inspiration from its Japanese origins, re-thinking the meaning of luxury and elegance at LANDMARK by Lexus at the 2023 Melbourne Cup Carnival.  

Paying homage to Takumi craftsmanship, where the rarity of a mineral, scarcity of an ingredient, and the simplicity of natural materials are crafted together into a contemporary luxury, Lexus celebrates being Close to the Source and reveals the culinary journey guests will enjoy at LANDMARK by Lexus.  

Underpinned by rich Japanese omotenashi values of warmth and hospitality, where guests’ needs are anticipated in advance, Lexus will deliver a gastronomic showcase that shines a light on how natural, high-quality produce and materials are elevated to a luxurious experience through time-honoured skills.  

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Close to the Source provides a recurring theme demonstrated across the three interior levels of LANDMARK by Lexus – Source, Cultivate and Harvest – with fine cuisine and specially crafted beverages on offer against the unmistakable backdrop of the Flemington Racecourse.  

At the helm of this year’s culinary offering is Australian restaurateur, chef, and long-standing Friend of Lexus, Luke Mangan, who will be leading a memorable dining experience where his principles of premium, sustainably sourced and seasonal produce through Asian influences will give life to the Lexus x Luke Mangan dining experience for 240 guests to enjoy each day across the Carnival.  

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With attention to balance and celebrating the produce and craftsmanship behind them, guests at the Lexus x Luke Mangan dining experience will savour a natural, uncomplicated, and beautifully executed menu that features fresh, clean flavours. Housing two Source bars with craftsmanship on display – a sashimi chef carving a whole tuna being served raw with minimal points on one bar and a chef curating the 100% organic noodle experience on the other – the dining experience brings culinary mastery to the forefront. 

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Staying true to being Close to the Source and with sustainability at the forefront, the lifestyle brand will utilise ethically sourced seafood, with individually caught tuna from the Southern Oceans, using sustainable practices to limit the impact on tuna stocks. 

Once inside, guests on the second level – Cultivate, the heart of LANDMARK by Lexus – can enjoy ethical and sustainable coffee by Melbourne institution St Remio. Owned by husband and wife duo Trent Knox and Julia Tink, St Remio will serve ‘Crafted’, an exquisite blend created exclusively for Lexus, with an array of unique cold and classic brews.  

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As guests ascend to the top floor of the pavilion, Harvest on level three houses two experiential journeys behind a nine-meter bar where produce is harvested and crafted into delicious delights. On one side is an experiential cocktail display by internationally renowned mixologist Priscilla Leong, amassing over 15 years of experience creating drinks worldwide, the Bartender of the Year 2022 award, and a reputation in several of the World’s 50 Best Bars. 

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Utilising seasonal produce like limes, berries and cherries that cascade from the ceiling installations, Leong will harvest ingredients for guests to enjoy in six unique cocktails and three mocktails celebrating flavours like Davidson Plum, Royal Dawn Cherry, and Yuzu. Adjacent to the cocktail bar, Luke Mangan’s Maki Bar will have a sushi chef where guests can produce their bespoke Maki rolls, made from the freshest produce and seafood from leaders in sustainable seafood practices.