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Why are men actively turning to liposuction?


We are finding that more men are turning to liposuction. As you get older, you start noticing that your body changes. And the metabolism that we had as kids and teenagers starts to wane over time. It isn’t fair, but this is what happens with age. The area that men tend to notice the most is around the waistline. The gut just seems to grow. And when men try to get rid of the gut, it just seems to linger. For some, it is possible to eliminate the unsavory waistline. We even had shows such as ‘The biggest loser’, which is indirectly talking to most of the men who can identify with similar weight issues. However, more men are turning to liposuction to overcome this. What was once seen as a taboo amongst men is now becoming accepted in men’s pursuit of physical happiness.

What has led men to this point?

Men are expected to automatically be bold and to exude confidence among their peers and to women. But men are human and have their own insecurities as well. Women are portrayed to be self-conscious about their figure and looks. However, men face similar challenges. From children’s cartoons with superheroes and their bulging muscles and the confidence to portray boldness at all times. It’s as if any other image is deemed ‘not man enough’.

Furthermore, it is a subtle cultural taboo to appear big or overweight. And while it is generally accepted, the jokes and belittling of people that carry extra weight is all too common knowledge. It is the elephant that is in the room. It is no secret that those people whose figures are more aesthetically appealing tend to get more opportunities given to them in their life.

When men identify flaws in their body, it is a major confidence killer. The most influential way a man will be in his life is when his confidence and boldness allow his charisma to shine. He doesn’t have to become built like Arnold Schwarzenegger. But he does need to have the confidence in his own body to boldly go out into the world.

Physical areas of concern for men.

Where women may be concerned about their overall figure, for men, it is more to do with body parts that are a source of embarrassment. There are thousands of men who identify with their shyness of taking off their shirt in public because of how their breasts look as well as the size of their stomach. It is a shame when there are men who cannot even look at themselves in the mirror.

Exercise vs. cosmetic treatments.

Most men can achieve their desired physical look with a good exercise and diet plan. But some men tend to have limitations with achieving the perfect look. Additionally, the time required to achieve their physical look takes time. If the guy has fat, they are unable to remove the fat cells that have multiplied over the years. The only option they have is to burn the fat through a calorie deficit or to remove the fat cells through a liposuction treatment. The treatments cut down on the required time to achieve their desired look.

Men’s desire for a six-pack.

Almost every man will want to achieve a six-pack in his lifetime. To have a six-pack is the pinnacle of success with their physique. It is no secret that men with six packs receive a heightened sexual prowess among the gender of their choice (both men and women) that also transcends into a source of power. Quick cosmetic options allow men to achieve a more appealing look with sculpting treatments to help get rid of their unwanted guts.

Breast reduction (Man boobs also known as ‘Moobs’)

This is a popular lipo-contouring treatment that targets gynecomastia (also known as man boobs). The excess fat can be difficult to remove, even if a fitness and weight loss plan has worked successfully for the rest of the body. Man boobs are a real confidence killer amongst men. This quick solution can allow men to remove the unwanted fat around the breast tissue and improve both their physical and mental confidence to feel more like a man.

Men will continue to suffer from self-confidence issues caused by their physical look. Liposuction treatments offer the only quick-fix solution and will continue to rise in popularity in the future for men to achieve their physical goals.