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Transforming the display house into a family home


You have seen the home of your dreams as a display home. You and your partner have made the decision to go through with the purchase and have it built. It is built to your heart’s desire, but there is still something missing. And what you realise is that it is missing the family touch. This is the bit that turns a house into a home. This is the touch that will give you that extra sense of comfort every time you return home to your castle. Below are a few tips on how you can transform the display house of your dreams into your family home.


Add flair to your home by characterising your floors.

Characterise your floors with mats and rugs. Have a look at different designs and fabrics that you can use to provide your own sense of style to a room, or a theme throughout your home.

Create your ideal ambience with lighting options.

The look and feel of your home will be impacted the most by the amount of light that you have coming into your home. For a brighter  and more optimistic tone in your home, it is ideal to make good use of natural light. These can be done with the types of curtains that will be used within the home, as well as shutters. Alternatively, artificial lighting options and natural lights from candles are another option. These can be achieved with desk and table lamps, as well as light fittings and the use of LED lights around the home.

Treat yourself to comfortable furniture.

When turning your house into a home, the furniture that you have will impact your sense of comfort. Invest in the exact type of designs that you want and make sure it meets your expectations when it comes to the comfort levels.

Add artwork around the house.

Develop an artistic colour and concept theme for your home. Consider how the art will reflect the personality of the people within the home. Furthermore, aim to get the artwork to match the theme of your home’s furnishings.

Add the family touch with photos

There is no better way to add the family touch to the home than with photos. Have some prints developed and framed to place on tables and walls around the home. Make sure to get the photos in different sizes and have them presented in a way that it will share your family’s story. Some ideas include wedding photos, birthdays and special occasions.

Bring a pet into the family.

While it isn’t strictly a home accessory, inviting a cat or dog into the home can really create the nice house warming experience that you are after.

Add a bit of wallpaper.

Want your wall to show off your character or to add to your theme? Then adding wallpaper to rooms around the home is a quick solution. This is particularly useful when you have children and you would like to quickly set up a children’s theme.

Customise the place with mirror fixtures.

Mirror, mirror on the wall! Your mirror fixtures should tell a story. Plus, they give the illusion of more space and light in your home if placed in the right areas.

Add a mailbox that adds to your overall theme of your home.

Don’t forget to add a bit of character to your mailbox. Look into options that will further add to the theme and concept that you want for your home.

Create a dedicated play area for the kids.

You can choose to develop a dedicated play area for the children either inside or outside of the home. Create a fun outdoor ambiance by investing in play equipment, a pool or sports equipment for them. If you decide to create a play area inside the home, dedicate a room or a space where the children can have their toys and play accessories in that area. Even building a small library and a children’s lounge area can be a good way to keep them entertained.

These are just a few ideas that you can use to transform your display house into a family home. Add your sense of flair and personal touch to your house today!