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CircuPlus Massage Gun by Froothie

The CircuPlus Massage Gun from Froothie is the best massage gun we've ever experienced. It gets in deep and gives a vigorous massage. In the past we've used massage devices that have not been strong or sturdy enough.

The CircuPlus Massage Gun is highly impressive with its 4 settings - you can have a mild type massage or really get in to the muscle. The World Loves Melbourne was gifted with the CircuPlus Massage Gun and we are super impressed with its strength, style, easy to use, sturdy design, length of charge, attachments, value and overall features.

The CircuPlus Massage Gun from Froothie works deep to help alleviate soreness and assist muscle recovery, the CircuPlus Massage Gun delivers pro-grade, on-the-go massage relief so you can feel better and move better. It's perfect for our family, with several playing sports and loving the ability to use the CircuPlus Massage Gun before and after sporting sessions.

Also perfect after a hard day in the office, to relax the muscles.

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Portable and Wireless for easy on-the-go use. It looks stylish and has a load of features:

-Up to and Over 4 hours run time (so you don't have to charge it all the time)

-6 Interchangeable massage heads 

-4 Intensity levels to alleviate muscle tension (great to have levels of intensity depending on how strong you want the massage)

-Incredibly Quiet technology built in

-Powerful Brushless High-Toque Motor (we love the strength of the massage)

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Here we are in the garden massaging the legs before sports.

Four percussive speeds and interchangeable heads allow the Circuplus Massage Gun to deliver rapid, repetitive pulses of concentrated pressure deep into your muscle tissue to help alleviate muscle fatigue, pain and tension.

Ideal for pre-training and post-training muscle activation, massages have been shown to help increase blood circulation, assist in recovery and relieve muscle fatigue, pain and tension, potentially leading to increased mobility.

froothiemassage 22

Giving the calves a massage, so easy to use and really performs brilliantly.

A wireless design and rechargeable system means you can take it with you for on-the-go treatment and relief.

Highly recommended. Go to the Froothie website to get yours.


CircuPlus Massage Gun