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Haighs Fine Chocolate Masterclass

Haigh's is an iconic chocolatier of note, and has inspired generations with its artisan chocolate creations for generations. It has some slick modern stores in Melbourne where presentation is as alluring as the product. The World Loves Melbourne has been impressed with Haigh's over many years - not just quality but their consistency and ability to change with the times.

We were thrilled to attend a Haigh's Masterclass (first in Melbourne) at the Rialto on Collins and get an insight into their artisan chocolate making as well as how to use Haigh's chocolate in cooking at home. Tough gig I know. This is not mass chocolate produced by heavy machinery but craftsman driven. 


Haigh's Chocolatier Ben imparted his expertise to the crowd of media/food bloggers and guests. Three recipes were featured - all of which could impress your dinner guests.


Haigh's showed us the raw product which gets magically transformed into wondrous chocolate. Ben showed us how to make an easy Haigh's Creme Patisserie using a blend of 70% and Dark Pastilles. We were able to get involved in the blending process!


Haigh's showed us how to make our own ganache using Haigh's 70%... Bliss in a bowl.


Haigh's also showed us how to make spiced truffles... How eye catching are these. You dinner party guests will be astounded.


Presentation is everything...


Haigh's have a Christmas magazine with recipes - check it out!

Haigh's Chocolates should be celebrated! During the many chocolate related conversations I've had in the office I've always put my hand up for Haigh's. The oldest family owned chocolate maker in Australia. Since 1915! Over 300 employees and 14 retail stores.

What's your Haigh's favourite? I love the dark chocolate. I love the ginger. I love all of it. Yummy Apricot Fruits (made from fruit from the Riverland). The bars. The tablets. The truffles. Hand made chocolates with delicious centres. Chocolate sultanas. Scorched almonds. The list goes on. The speckles are spectacular (evoking childhood memories)! Chocolate frogs a classic (sold for the last 67 years)! The chocolate in the wooden box - such a great gift idea.

Every time I go into Haigh's Chocolates I make sure I taste a couple of samples with my purchase... I bet you do too!

Some people say to me they prefer European chocolate to the Aussie variety... Yet Haighs came of age when John Haigh studied at Lindt and Sprungli in the 1950s and brought back a wealth of knowledge to the company... This chocolate is top shelf!

I love the great customer personalised service in Haigh's stores. I love the classy feel to the store and the care they take in packaging. It's like they're handling gold.

I remember visiting Haigh's on the edge of Rundle Mall in the Beehive building (still operate there today) in the 1980s while living in Adelaide. Was always great to take some product when visiting friends. I can't believe it's so accessible here in Melbourne.