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Chicken Lunch Dreams at Chargrill Charlies

Chargrill Charlie's are a chicken shop destination of note on Proespect Hill Road in the Camberwell Shopping precinct, making waves in Melbourne following on from their success in Sydney. Chargrill Charlie's is the ultimate chicken shop but "more than a chicken shop" with an astonishing range of salads, chicken, desserts and tasty comfort food dishes. The vibe is appealing in its Camberwell restaurant and a modern fun place to dine, or indeed take away. We as a family have a Sunday ritual of a chargrill chicken based lunch so the invitation to experience a Footy pack from Chargrill Charlie's was welcomed.

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Chargrill Charlie's are already a dining institution in Sydney and are equally passionate about looking to grow in Melbourne too (being new on the scene), with their iconic chicken, chips and salad offering. They really pride themselves on their strong Australian roots and the clean cooking techniques have made their shop the go-to dinner place for the last three decades, while their award-winning recipes have kept people’s mouths watering time and time again (think unexpected dishes also like fried rice, corn dishes, gravy, so much to choose from)!

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The Chargrill Charlie's Footy catering pack is highly impressive featuring 2 tasty Portuguese chickens, 15 devil wings, 2 family chips, 15 schnitzel strips, 1 family salad (we chose an incredible chopped salad with chicken, avocado & egg & feta), family apple pies and Sprite and Coke Zero drinks (we chose the drinks) plus we added gravy and hot Peri Peri sauce. Melbourne’s best chicken shop? And more. Lunch for champions!

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The chicken was tender and flavourful and helpfully cut into pieces, with us adding hot Peri Peri sauce for increased spiciness. The wings were also top notch with an appealing coating, melt in your mouth. Family chips were thin fries and the 2 servings was ample for a family. Schnitzel strips were popular with the family and perfect with gravy poured over them. In fact we poured gravy over most things including the chips.

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When you walk in to Chargrill Charlie's you immediately notice the large array of fresh salads using local produce from farmers markets across Melbourne; from Brussel sprouts with lemon and roasted quinoa, mango and pear salad and burghul and barley salad, to name a few, all in which can be paired with their BBQ or Portuguese-style chicken. The salads here are definitely a highlight and our chopped salad was super fresh and tasty, one of the best salads we've had for a while (we thought the egg was a masterstroke bringing the salad together with fresh chunks of avocado, feta, tomato and was a meal in itself containing chicken also). Sometimes at chicken shops the salads can be boring and token, but here at Chargrill Charlie's they are a feature.

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Family apple pies are sweet but we loved them with crunch on top. All washed down with soft drinks. The catering packs were professionally packed in large attractive boxes and we recommend Chargrill Charlie's catering for your next get together or event.

Staff couldn't have been more helpful and Brian was fantastic, hands on in the store and engaging.

We recommend enjoying a meal in their store in Camberwell or order their picnic and beach packs – perfect to share with friends. Highly recommended.