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Burgers Impress at One Plus Piece in Balwyn

One Plus Piece Cafe at 266 Whitehorse Rd Balwyn is running a Night Burger Bar from Thursdays to Saturdays; open until 9pm for burgers. One Plus Piece Cafe has developed popular burgers with the locals impressed; the new Night Burger Bar has added more impressive burger additions to the menu. For those in the eastern suburbs, One Plus Piece is the place to go for your burger fix!

One Plus Piece Cafe is located in a premium pocket of Whitehorse Road in Balwyn, with banks, eateries and high end shops surrounding. The decor at One Plus Piece Cafe is lively with an assortment of figurines displayed on the wall, animation characters painted on one wall, posters, plants, books and other quirky objects, as Melbourne loves all things quirk. Playful and fun!

Our favourite at The World Loves Melbourne is the Double chilli beef, double bacon, double cheese, caramelised onion, mushroom, lettuce and their secret One Piece sauce. This burger is juicy bliss from the"get go". Soft brioche melts into double of everything; how we like it! The house made patty with chilli is outstanding and has that welcome kick to it. Cheese is also a standout, melted over the patties as we like it. Double bacon is not to be underestimated and a generous portion hits the spot. Caramelised onion is also generous and with the lettuce provides some crunch. Mushroom in the mix makes this a hearty substantial burger, but it's the taste and texture high that impressed. The secret sauce is sensational, adding to the already great burger. A pleasure to eat such a burger.

We also enjoyed the Angas beef and cheese burger in a brioche bun with beetroot relish, tomato, lettuce, bacon, mustard and aoli. The balance of the burger was excellent and for us the burger was full of flavour. The richness of the Angas beef was evident in a seasoned patty. The burger was mouth watering with right amount of sauces, and some kick. Fresh lettuce was crispy, as was the bacon. The brioche brought a hint of sweetness and the gherkin on top was a nice touch. Presentation was superb on a board with pirate flag and golden chips.

Excellent sides satisfy, including the golden chips. For something more substantial try the Chilli beef, cheese sauce, pork jerky, grilled onion, jalapenos, spring onions and relish. Or check out the Chilli beef fries with beer battered fries, chilli beef, cheese sauce, jalapenos and spring onion.

A cracking burger is the Tempura Soft Shell Crab with secret slaw and wasabi mayo! Once again the portion was generous, with soft shell crab a luxury item made acccessible. Sometimes soft shell crab burgers can be light on and not fill you up, but One Plus Piece have added extra ingredients such as the slaw to make this a hearty rich burger. The soft shell crab costs slightly more but it's understandable as soft shell crab doesn't come cheap. We're still thinking of the crunch as we bite into this burger, complemented with the soft brioche.

One Plus Piece also impressed with its Portobello Mushroom burger with avocado, tomato, cos, red onion, cheese and chilli sauce. Once again this was presented inside a brioche bun and the large portobello mushroom was lightly crumbed. We found this to be extremely satisfying with a creamy nuance; some places have the large mushroom acting as the bun but we love the portobello mushroom inside the brioche!

Combo deals also abound with for example, wedges/chips and a shake for only $8 or wedges/chips and soft drinks for only extra $5. A great deal is the Burger and side - where you get the shake for free!

These burgers are One Plus Piece Cafe are not greasy affairs; but clean and flavoursome and well presented.

Shakes are compelling and delicious including this Nutella shake (only $6.50).

A brilliant idea is the Cupcake shake which changes daily based on various cupcake indulgences. Also check out the Strawberry and Cheese shake and the Chocolate Bar shake.