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First World Problems: To Beard Or Not To Beard


Melbourne is arguably the best dynamic city that Australia has to offer. There is a mix of cosmopolitan life and cultural openness that this city embraces that you can only find in small pockets around other areas in Australia. So when it comes to finding real men, arguably, you will find a real man’s man in or from the city of Melbourne. Yes, you will find the pretty boys that are keen for that teenager Justin Bieber look. And if that is what they are after, then good for them. That will keep them happy. Image Source.

Beards are the new passport to awesome!

Both men and women are fascinated by men that choose to embrace their manhood with the confidence of their beard. Over the past few years, there has been a resurgence in the popularity of beards that is making it more irresistible to confident men and women who are into a man’s boldness. To beard or not to beard has become a real first world problem. However; if a man see’s it as a problem, can we really call them a man? Below are reasons why confident men should ‘rock a beard’ with confidence.

Beards display the manhood of a man!

If a shaved man with baby-faced skin is put into a room with a few men that have fully fledged beards, the signs will be easy to tell the boys from the men. The perception of bearded men when it comes to first impressions is that those who rock beards are more comfortable with their masculinity. Especially the older they are, the better the look is.

Shave you say? Not by the hairs of my chinny chin chin!

Shaving for style is fine. Shaving for a pure baby face should be left to the younger generation. Shaving for etiquette is what separates the men from the boys. The good thing is there are many styles that can be done to give yourself a unique masculine character. Some of these styles are listed below.

Designer stubble

You can trim your beard to different lengths to give it a neat, but masculine finish.


Give your face a bit of character with a goatee. Try different lengths to see which style suits your face.

French goatee

Should you go for a more classic look, the French goatee is generally a winner with the connecting moustache and beard.

Full designer beards

This will reveal the true majesty of your manhood. Vary the style with combing, twisting and shaving techniques to get the style (neat or bushy) that will suit you!

The fact is girls (especially hot girls) like beards

If you are a man and you want a girl (especially a hot girl) to be really into you, then a good beard style will be one of the ways to unlock the interest to a woman’s heart. In Australia especially, women love a man’s man (a bloke). Many women get turned off by ‘pretty guys’. And pretty guys are more attractive for men that like men (which is fine, if you are seeking a man to be with.) But if you are seeking the company of a woman that wants to be with a man and a true blue Aussie bloke, give them the confident bearded prince, and not an Australian princess!

Even celebrities have realized the importance of beards.

The proof is out there. More male celebrities are growing their beards and are becoming the pin-up men that are the objects of desire for Australian women.

Hugh Jackman

Australian actor Hugh Jackman who is famed for his blockbuster Hollywood roles such as Wolverine in X-Men has been famed for his sex appeal that has been further spawned by his bearded styles.

Chet Faker

Australian music star Chet Faker is renown for his red beard that glistens in contrast to his brown hair.

Chris Hemsworth

Australian Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth who is known for his role of Thor, is an Aussie icon that reeks of Aussie manpower with Thor’s mighty hammer; and of course, the Thor’s mighty beard!

Have a beardpiphany!

The proof is in the pudding as they would say. So what are you waiting for? Do yourself a favour and style your beard!