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Exclusive Rohner Advanced Socks Discount Offer


The World Loves Melbourne has partnered with leading technical fashion house Rohner Advanced Socks to provide a discount offer on premium socks for men and women. These are some of the best fashionable and functional socks you will find in Melbourne, often touted as the finest socks in the world! Rohner have deepened their commitment to the Australian market with a new large warehouse just opened in Melbourne, cutting the delivery time to 2-3 business days.

The World Loves Melbourne has been given a  20% discount code for you to take advantage of in ordering your business, sporting, hiking and trekking socks at the online checkout. This exclusive 20% discount code applies to ALL Rohner Advanced Socks products! And you can use it as many times as you like - we have the customised discount code available for 3 months! For orders over $100 in Australia you receive free delivery. The code is:LoveMelbourne20

Socks are not just socks these days. They are components of functional fashion - whether you are wearing socks to work, the ski slops or hiking a trail. Rohner Advanced Socks has been operating in the high-tech footwear industry since 1930, providing its customers with ongoing innovation.Rohner-Advanced Socks is known as well by the high-altitude alpinist but also by the Sunday sports enthusiast. Rohner aims to deliver the best available fibres and technology to everyone.

Rohner Advanced Socks combines decades of Swiss know-how with cutting edge European textile production technologies. In collaboration with friends from Australia, Rohner selected a range of products, which combine the latest synthetic fibres with natural products.

Many people have been wearing these socks for decades, impressed by their technical functionality, fashion, reliability and comfort. These are technical socks.

For every occasion.


Rohner socks contain a high percentage of natural fibres such as wool and cotton, which we believe makes them more comfortable. The World Loves Melbourne has been wearing business socks for years and is impressed by the Rohner business socks, with extra padding around the sole.

Also for outdoors, the Rohner Advanced Socks are thicker than some other brands, perfect for rugged activities. some argue the hiking socks are the best in the world, using the latest fibres available. A unique cushioning system helps with comfort.

The ski socks are also the preferred ski socks of many. Skiers often get blisters, and Rhoner Advanced Socks help alleviate that with their thinner socks... 

..that cause less friction but keep your feet warm!