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  • Melbourne Cafe Life

    We love a Melbourne Cafe Life. We will soon be highlighting more of the quintessential Melbourne cafes that have maintained their popularity. Cafes like Manchester Press and Hardware Lane that help define Melbourne. We also have a Best Cafes article that's been read by over 60,000 readers. And of course we continue to highlight new cafe openings.
  • Our interview with David Campbell in Sydney

    Dream Lover: The Bobby Darin Musical

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  • Cookie Monster & The Tim Tam Slam

    Cookie Monster was fun to interview at The Olsen. The World Loves Melbourne asked, "What makes a great cookie?" and "Should cookies be eaten with fresh milk?" Check out Cookie Monster describing the art of the "Tim Tam Slam"!
  • Cookie Monster Loves Melbourne Cruffins

    The World Loves Melbourne had a fun interview with Cookie Monster from Sesame Street at The Olsen. Cookie Monster is not just a lover of cookies and reveals his love for cruffins following his visit to iconic Chez Dre. "Do you know what a cruffin is?, he asks The World Loves Melbourne. "One big happy dessert!"
  • Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso at Domaine Chandon

    Starring two world champion drivers, British F1 legend Jenson Button and Spanish racing star Fernando Alonso, the video sees the two aces race each other in a series of fun and unusual challenges against the serene backdrop of the beautiful Domaine Chandon winery. In a F1 race like you’ve never seen before, the two drivers don their suits and helmets and start with a sprint through the vineyard complete with push bikes. Next they jump on to motorbikes, Segways, boats and even tractors, with the competitive spirit of Jenson and Fernando creating a dynamic race of one-upmanship.

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  • Ferrari 488 Spider Launch

    The World Loves Melbourne imbibed the exclusive spectacular Ferrari 488 Spider launch in Melbourne. This was very first appearance in Australia following the premiere at the Frankfurt International Motor Show. Sexy in the extreme, we succumbed to the allure of the Ferrari 488 Spider. The Ferrari 488 Spider is the latest chapter in Maranello’s ongoing history of open-top V8 sports cars, a story that started with the targa-top version of the 308 GTB - the immortal 308 GTS - and which ultimately resulted in the full convertible Spider architecture.


    La Cassolette A French Sensation on Rebecca Walk

    gourmet 121213-17 

    La Cassolette is a revelation with top notch fine French dining at affordable prices. With owners from Roule Galette, La Cassolette has a great pedigree. Michael Dubois the Chef from Paris, has a license to thrill, designing the menu and running with impressive European and French dishes that are his passion. Fast European and French gourmet food. Who doesn't love a restaurant that is French speaking, and with a flambe? The World Loves Melbourne was invited as a guest of La Cassolette for a lunch, and we intend to return.

    A few bloggers have visited La Cassolette in recent times - it's fair enough that such a culinary gem be afforded greater awareness, as it's a real find.

    gourmet 121213-4 

    La Cassolette is a small bistro gem on Rebecca Walk, a not widely known precinct next to a leafy park and the Yarra River. This precinct is slightly hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the CBD, near a bridge to Crown. But it's well worth the visit. Sit outside and enjoy the outdoor ambience or enjoy the modern rustic interior with warm coloured olive walls and white washed timber.

    The food is brilliant and accessible. The ambience is classy but casual, in terms of the usual French dining experience. To be served rustic French dishes, such as Beef Bourguignon, for around $15-25 is crazy good.

    gourmet 121213-14 

    Michael is a passionate foodie and skillful chef with a desire to make fine French cooking accessible. The philosophy is expressed on their website - 

    "La Cassolette is a little place in the city where you will find traditional French and European food cooked slowly- slowly, as at home.
    La Cassolette would like to offer any one, the possibility to enjoy all these meals who make you dreaming and record you when you were overseas: Bœuf Bourguignon, Pot au Feu, Poulet basquaise, Cassoulet…
    You will find French staff, speaking the language of Voltaire who will serve you in a warm and intimate setting reminiscent of Montmartre in Paris or brewery amongst the towers of La Defense in Paris while overlooking a beautiful park towards the Yarra River."

     gourmet 121213-7

    La Cassolette excels in the small things, like these tasty starters... The tomato and onion spicy salsa was a great touch to go with the black and green olives. And the cured meat was tasty.

    gourmet 121213-10 

    This Quinoa Taboule and Crab was a knockout dish. Delicate yet with substance. I was glad to join the Quinoa revolution in this way with a decent portion of sweet crab with a light sauce on a bed of quinoa. The presentation is superb, notwithstanding the balance of flavours. New age dining.

    I've been getting into quinoa lately, as a balance to my pork belly obsession. I like the texture of quinoa with its relatively large crunchy grains. Even though this was a delicate dish I could almost settled on it as my sole lunch dish. Note the salad and garnish for a nice touch.

    And enjoyed with a glass of Chablis at Michael's recommendation.

    gourmet 121213-12 

    Then it was show time . Michael flambed the king prawns using Ricard. Sometimes he chooses the Cognac. You have a choice of scallops v prawns for the flambe.

     gourmet 121213-16

    Not a bad pic if I say so myself.

    gourmet 121213-18 

    The result. Perfectly cooked king prawns with flambe finish, to be eaten with a hearty bed of mash and shaved parmesan. Indulgently brilliant.

    This dish had a sense of the classical. The arrangement was again top notch with prawns placed around the comforting and generous home made mash and parmesan. Note the garnish.

     gourmet 121213-21

    And a refreshing green salad to boot.

    gourmet 121213-20 

    So impressed, I had to take another photo... And the value is excellent. 

    gourmet 121213-22 

    La Cassolette is also strong in the dessert department with this Panna cotta, so creamy and infused with banana flavours, and refreshing berry sauce on top. And only $6.

     gourmet 121213-25

    La Cassolette is an outstanding bistro that you will want to return to. In my opinion you could be paying much more for the impressive level of food here. The staff and high level of service also make the place. Highly recommended.

    La Cassolette on Urbanspoon

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