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Bird Brunswick East: A Celebration of all things Chicken

Fun times in Melbourne as David & Daniel visited Bird in Brunswick East, featuring a celebration of "all things chicken".

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There’s an excellence about Bird, from the Salt and Pepper Ribs to the tasty Garlic Brioche, the epic Bang n Bird (loved the hot chicken with its crispy addictive coating and juicy texture within), and the delicious 48 hour mash with chicken gravy.

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The Hot Chicken Burger is a standout and we advise diners order the Crinkle Chips. 

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Sauces here are of high quality, from hot sauce to sexy blue cheese sauce.

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A distinctive of Bird in Brunswick East is that it’s a bar as much as a celebration of chicken. Cocktails are imaginative and well executed (recommend the Empty Nest and the aptly named Winner Winner), and the beer list is compelling, featuring several local brews (including Burnley Brewing DIPA).

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Also to mention the ambience here is top notch, perfect for a date night or a catch up. Low lighting and an attractive elongated bar area. Engaging service was another highlight of our experience.

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There was a good crowd for a Monday as locals resonate with the joyous experience of Bird in Brunswick East. Vegan options also shine.