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  • Melbourne Cafe Life

    We love a Melbourne Cafe Life. We will soon be highlighting more of the quintessential Melbourne cafes that have maintained their popularity. Cafes like Manchester Press and Hardware Lane that help define Melbourne. We also have a Best Cafes article that's been read by over 60,000 readers. And of course we continue to highlight new cafe openings.
  • Our interview with David Campbell in Sydney

    Dream Lover: The Bobby Darin Musical

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  • Cookie Monster & The Tim Tam Slam

    Cookie Monster was fun to interview at The Olsen. The World Loves Melbourne asked, "What makes a great cookie?" and "Should cookies be eaten with fresh milk?" Check out Cookie Monster describing the art of the "Tim Tam Slam"!
  • Cookie Monster Loves Melbourne Cruffins

    The World Loves Melbourne had a fun interview with Cookie Monster from Sesame Street at The Olsen. Cookie Monster is not just a lover of cookies and reveals his love for cruffins following his visit to iconic Chez Dre. "Do you know what a cruffin is?, he asks The World Loves Melbourne. "One big happy dessert!"
  • Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso at Domaine Chandon

    Starring two world champion drivers, British F1 legend Jenson Button and Spanish racing star Fernando Alonso, the video sees the two aces race each other in a series of fun and unusual challenges against the serene backdrop of the beautiful Domaine Chandon winery. In a F1 race like you’ve never seen before, the two drivers don their suits and helmets and start with a sprint through the vineyard complete with push bikes. Next they jump on to motorbikes, Segways, boats and even tractors, with the competitive spirit of Jenson and Fernando creating a dynamic race of one-upmanship.

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  • Ferrari 488 Spider Launch

    The World Loves Melbourne imbibed the exclusive spectacular Ferrari 488 Spider launch in Melbourne. This was very first appearance in Australia following the premiere at the Frankfurt International Motor Show. Sexy in the extreme, we succumbed to the allure of the Ferrari 488 Spider. The Ferrari 488 Spider is the latest chapter in Maranello’s ongoing history of open-top V8 sports cars, a story that started with the targa-top version of the 308 GTB - the immortal 308 GTS - and which ultimately resulted in the full convertible Spider architecture.


    Meat and Wine Company For A Meat Fiesta


    Meat and Wine Co. is a hugely successful business with many locations for meat lovers to appreciate high quality meat cooked expertly, and a culture of fine service and semi sophisticated ambience. The brand builds loyalty with repeat visits from happy diners. For example, the Meat and Wine Co. in Southbank is well patronised in the evenings and you can observe the large boards full of meat being carried to tables by eager staff.


    I journeyed to Meat and Wine Co. before a show at Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival, looking for either steak or ribs. I'd heard the pork ribs are exceptional and saw that many diners order this dish. But I was also keen for the steak and so upon asking the staff, was recommended the Rib Eye Steak Sandwich featuring  200g Pasture-fed rib-eye, char-grilled, iceberg lettuce, fresh tomato, sautéed mushrooms & white onion in a freshly baked roll with mayonnaise & barbeque sauce  $26, and side of chips.  I was also not wanting to make a mess on my shirt before a fashion week show, although they told me they can supply a bib.  Was this to be one of the great steak sanwiches/burgers of Melbourne? 


    The place was packed so it took a good half hour for my burger to appear in its glistening finery. What struck me first up was the sheer size of the burger. This burger featured 200g of prime steak - making the burger great value on the quality of steak alone.


    And the chips are golden and crunchy and all round of excellent quality. Full marks for the chips.


    The only downside here was the amount of bread on this burger/sandwhich. For me it was too much bread. The trend these days is for lighter bread, as well as an element of sweetness, a la the brioche craze. This bread was heavy, slightly toasted, but just too much. Maybe the punters enjoy this style but I would have preferred something more subtle. So I prized the top layer from my burger and ate the burger like an open sandwich.

    The steak was wonderful, as was the slaw and mushroom elements.

    Monte is the premium line of beef exclusive to The Meat & Wine Co.
    Monte Beef is sourced from only premium breeders of the highest quality MSA graded Angus cattle. Carefully reared and grazed on selected farms throughout Australia and monitored from the paddock to the plate using a process of stringent quality checks.
    Monte premium cuts have a high marble score, tender texture and robust flavour. All meat is aged in a temperature controlled environment for a minimum of twenty-one days.
    Monte cuts are grilled to the customers liking with their in-house basting and served with crunchy chips.


    The fit out at Meat and Wine Co. is alluring with plenty of timber and up market decor. The mood becomes romantic at night with dim lighting, or should I say great use of downlights in the right places.

    The menu is comprehensive with huge cuts of prime meat and ribs if it takes your fancy. As for ribs there's the choice of beef, pork or lamb ribs, or combinations thereof. If you don't want steak or ribs then chicken or calamari may take your fancy. 

    It's all about choice. There's even a large array of sauce choices. And a plethora of sides, including Biltong, the South African strips of beef.

    Staff are professional and engaging - with several staff attending to me during my visit.


    Meat and Wine Co. serves up its meals on these wooden boards. Here are some ribs, looking sexy with the black grill markings across them and the shiny complexion of juicy goodness.

    An express lunch for $15 is great value for the city worker.

    Meat and Wine Co. was a satisfying experience for me, albeit I wasn't into the heavy bread on the burger. Next time I might be tempted with the ribs.

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    New Merricks Creek Winery Cellar Door - Stunning Design and Style

    MerricksCreekApril16 3

    Merricks Creek not only provides top notch wine and food as a James Halliday 5 star winery, but it also captivates with its style and aesthetics. Visiting Merricks Creek is refreshing and is like an oasis on the Mornington Peninsula away from the hustel and bustle of Melbourne. The World Loves Melbourne spoke with owner and winemaker Peter Parker about the design and style aspects of Merricks Creek that enhance the visitor experience. Check out our Best Mornington Peninsula Wineries.

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    VAMFF Premium Runway 5 Loves Melbourne

    VAMFF 1 

    The World Loves Melbourne got its fashion on and imbibed the stunning VAMFF Premium Runway 5 at the fabulous venue of the Melbourne Museum. 

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    Diner En Blanc with Rutherford Jewellery

    DinerEnBlanc2 1

    Diner En Blanc is an iconic event around the world (originating in Paris in 1988) in terms of style and fashion and bonhomie. And to celebrate the formal occasion with a truly Melbourne jewellery brand was exciting.

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    Best Cheap Eats

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    Best Pizza

    Best Pizza in Melb

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