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Your Thai - Sublime Thai on Swanston


One of the best restaurants along Swanston St! From first inspection it looks like a humble city restaurant with menu choices lit up behind the counter and pictures of meals all over the walls. But the food is wonderful, creative and quality for the price.

You can tell if a restaurant is just interested in turnover or shows flair – Your Thai delivers great food with flair! The service is friendly and the meals come quickly.

Your Thai has such a great menu selection at value prices! Love the Pad Thai and Kway Teow options! Most of the favourites are here! Green curry and red curry and Massaman Curry feature as standout dishes. The salads are attractive and minced meat dishes are also popular. And of course the fried rice is a winner!

There’s an intricacy in the dishes – they come packed with ingredients and the extra touch.

I love the crispy chicken which comes with superb rice and egg on top. Chicken was super crispy on the outside but not over dry inside – perfect. Portions are generous in elongated bowls. Who care if you have to grab your cutlery from the holder on the table – just grab your fork and spoon and dig in! Or indeed your chopsticks!

Interesting drinks like coconut milk with green jelly and Thai milk tea.

Your Thai has combo options – which involves set combos rather than selecting the various elements. This has pros and cons but I can work with it.

Your Thai is often packed. Proficient staff work like project managers greeting everyone at the door and finding them seats. There is the buzz of conversation and the noise of chopsticks in action!

The bright orange table tops and orange and green counter are a classic. I’ve been here several times and I’ll be back…

Your Thai Rice and Noodle Bar, 255 Swanston Street CBD – Thai - Food 9 Ambience 8.5


Your Thai Rice and Noodle Bar on Urbanspoon

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