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Ume Hana - Value Japanese and Korean Cuisine on Elizabeth

Ume Hana is a restaurant that offers excellent value Japanese and Korean cuisine and is a solid CBD performer. It's got a homestyle kind of feel with homestyle kind of cooking and decor.

I've been here almost a dozen times and there is consistency of dishes to satisfy. The fit out is that of a serviceable cafe with two TV's on the wall, usually playing daytime drama when you visit at lunchtime, and pleasant decor. 


The Manager likes to engage the customers and is keen to please. He always asks me if I enjoy the meal - obviously proud of his restaurant.

The menu is wide ranging and you can oder things like bibimbap, sushi, kimchi soup, and various soups.

Personally, I head for the bain marie which offers tremendous value of 2 dishes and rice for $8. The chilli chicken is a sensation, as is the spicy pork. There are other options but I can't get enough of these two. They come with a bit of kick. There is a choice of fried rice or steamed - but it's always fried rice for me as they do a great version.

I notice the place is often full of students and office workers.


Service is excellent with other staff attentive and engaging.

Ume Hana has no MSG so better for your health. The Manager also slips you a few sachets of his Korean Ginseng tea on occasions, also with health benefits.

You leave Ume Hana feeling satisfied but not heavy having experienced tasty food and clean flavours.


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