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The Pho Chu


The Pho Chu is one of the best pho eateries in Melbourne. The restaurant is modern and inviting, the staff are friendly and the pho rocks with generous portions of tasty broth, perfectly cooked meat and accompaniments. I left The Pho Chu feeling warm from the satisfying pho and the engaging service.


How do you tell one pho from another? In my opinion you look for generous portions full of ingredients, a broth that is not too fatty, a broth that actually is full of flavour and not bland, accompaniments that are not wilting but super fresh quality, perfectly cooked pho noodles, and meat that is perfectly cooked and quality cuts. But of course the main distinguishing feature is the broth. Making a great broth takes hours. You can tell a great broth by tasting it before any seasoning is applied. The Pho Chu has that great broth that entices you and beckons you.


The friendly staff here placed a free tea in front of me after I sat down. Seems to be a standard thing on Victoria St.


Faced with what to order I often enjoy the combo of beef and chicken in a pho... It's awesome when the beef is on the rare side but the chicken cooked but soft. This was the case at The Pho Chu. Ordering the medium pho size is still a huge lunch. And for the office worker, it came out within a short time.

I love that there are limes here to add flavour - surely these alone add to the cost for the restaurant as they don't come cheap. But when I squirted my lime I think some went out to the dude on the next table. Profuse apologies.


As I dined on this delicious pho I found The Pho Chu to have an excellent ambience with cool artwork on the walls, large naked bulbs and concrete floor. The new generation of pho restaurants have become more upmarket in their presentation. While the pho is the hero it is a bonus to dine in pleasant if not chic surroundings.

Of course The Pho Chu serve more than just pho and you can indulge in tasty dishes including their rice paper rolls.

So as I sat in a nearby office doing some bank reconciliations the bliss of the pho kicked in and lasted all afternoon. I was on a pho high. Highly recommended.

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