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Teppansan - Excellent Japanese Okonomiyaki!


Amazing amazing! If you shut your eyes and tasted the food you’d think you were in fine dining bliss. Open your eyes and you’re in a pleasant but humble restaurant on Russell St. I still can’t believe the value and quality of Teppansan. Loving the whole experience of Japanese food for lunch – you never feel bloated _ I wandered into Teppansan. The service was great with friendly waitress showing me past the bamboo lattice to a table along the narrow wall. I noticed the simple décor – at the back of the restaurant is a larger eating area with interesting mural on the wall.


Hanging next to my table was a review of this restaurant from Matt Preston in 2007 when the lunch deal was $5.80!!! It has now rocketed to $7.50 (ha ha). You cannot believe the value and quality here.


The waitress encouraged me to try the chicken okonomiyaki, a popular dish. First of all I was given a great bowl of Miso soup. As I was drinking the soup I also noticed a signed menu and picture of tennis ace Nikolay Daveydenko on the wall next to me (and Matt Preston article). Made me wonder why a top tennis player should wander in to a humble place like this – but when it’s serving so many aces, it figures! The chicken okonomiyaki was advertised as a Japanese pizza – probably more like an omelette. It came out looking incredible and to taste it was sublime. For a start it was a generous serving – packed full of wonderfully cooked chicken, with carrot, onion, amazing sauce and shredded cabbage. All with Japanese mayo on top (which I love). And on top was katsuobushi (dried flakes). I repeat the miso and the okonomiyaki were part of the $7.50 lunch special.


Went back the next day and had the Deep Fried Pork Cutlet with egg (generous amount) and onion cooked in sukiyaki sauce and served with a large amount of rice. An enjoyable hearty meal - although the okonomiyaki is still the standout. I prefer the pork to be cooked a little less but still a great dish. Service is fantastic with waitress not only helpful but smiling and joyful. You can see the chef working away in the kitchen and I like to thank him on departure. Japanese gem!

Teppansan, 179 Russell St, CBD – Japanese - Food 9 Ambience 8.5

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