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Snag Stand - Excellent Snag Fix in Melbourne CBD


Snag Stand does a great job of meeting a niche in the market for gourmet sausages and quick service. Located very centrally at Melbourne Central it has to be in one of the best places in terms of traffic. They have taken the Aussie preoccupation with the sausage to another level.

Snag Stand features brightly coloured signage and those yellow stools.  Seating is quite limited in terms of tables or there’s space for a couple of diners at the counter. Of course, as with all restaurants nearby, there’s the option of eating your snag on the State Library lawns.

Snag Stand markets themselves as very gourmet – the home of heavenly haute dogs. Clever. The secrets are as follows – small batch production, artisanal hand crafted sausages, lean low fat meats, all natural casings, gluten free, and no artificial colours or flavours. After reading that I was convinced I was eating health food. They also use artisan butchers.

It actually is impressive. An excellent option for the hungry student or office worker.

Great menu options include the Spicy Spanish Chorizo grilled with semi sundried tomatoes, chipotle aoli, baby rocket and shredded  Spanish goat’s cheese on a brioche roll. Yeah baby!

The American Classic is reasonably priced at under $7 featuring wood smoked frankfurter with American yellow mustard, tomato sauce, onions and sweet relish on a toasted brioche roll.

The Wagyu Beef, Chicken and Rocket and Greek offerings looked impressive. As did the Chillidog, Spicy Cheese Kransky that was on special, and the Australian fare.

The menu is just so extensive with several more options.

The chips are also great, which is important, at a cost of $3.90. they are 100% Tasmanian Russet Potatoes with natural sea salt flakes.

You can get extra toppings for $1, as well as salad instead of a bun. Dipping sauces are $1 each.

The quality of the fresh buns and tasty snags is excellent and is able to fill me up (no mean achievement). With chips of course. The wait time is reasonable and the staff friendly. Recommend Snag Stand as a good CBD option.

Snag Stand cnr La Trobe and Swanston Sts – CBD - Food 8.5 Ambience 8.5


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