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Shawcross Pizza - Reinventing the Local Pizza House


Below are ten points you need to know about Shawcross Pizza - 

1. Brought to Brunswick Street by the Phat Brats boys
2. Whole 12 inch pizzas or $5 New York-style slices from a massive 22 inch pan (GF & veg options available)

3. Six "kick-ass" salads, as well as nachos & dessert
4. BYO until their license kicks in (hopefully within next month)
5. Vegetarian options that tempt carnivores
6. A pizza called Notorious P.I.G 

7. Coffee by St ALi
8. Outdoor seating

9. Takeaway available (local delivery coming soon)
10. Retro American fit out

Shawcross Pizza on Urbanspoon

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Friday, 09 October 2015
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