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Shanghai St Dumpling - Superlative Dumplings


These are some of the best dumplings in Melbourne! Located on Little Bourke St (and another on La Trobe) this place hums – nearly always packed with a line down Little Bourke. Wonder why they don’t fit in more tables – with only about 25 seats and a handful of stools. Run by dumpling house royalty these experienced dumpling specialists offer great value but with it extraordinary quality!

Incredible dumplings! Love the pan fried pork dumplings – or menu item 18 to be precise. I loved the thin well pleated wrappings of the dumplings – the pan fried element came through with crispiness. For $8.80 I got 15 great dumplings – top value for the CBD! Fillings great and juicy but the key is always to have no tears or holes in the wrappings for contents to escape and lose their punch! Also have enjoyed the fried chicken and crab dumplings here – 10 for $8.50. Really tasty and quality again.


There are some dumpling houses with cheap dumplings but they don’t have the quality to match. What is the use of 15 dumplings for next to nothing if they’re rubbish? Not so with this wonderful establishment!

Love the simple décor and open ambience. Seats by the window are popular looking out onto Little Bourke. Friendly and attentive staff. You can see the kitchen staff working away inside the restaurant – the open kitchen is small but adds to the excitement.

The pleasant surprise is that the Dumpling House is not just about dumplings! Have been here now many times – a favourite “go to” lunchtime haven. The spicy pork sauce and noodles with bok choy dish is tremendous – the sauce is so flavoursome with a pork mince and a real kick with the chilli! Love the arrangement - the sauce is set to one side in the bowl but you can mix it all over the noodles. The bok choy complements the spiciness! Recommended by the waitress as her favourite (although yet to catch on yet I’m told). For the price of only $6.80 it was amazing value!

Sat on a stool overlooking Little Bourke and so did the elegant woman next to me – who ordered about 8 dishes – greatly reducing my counter space so I was really hunched eating my meal. I was going to an important function that evening so I was trying to protect my shirt and tie from flying sauce, noodles and bok choy! Was mostly successful although had to visit the men’s at work to wipe off the pork sauce drops on the Van Heuser! Couldn’t believe someone could eat so much – was she another food critic? It’s all good! Keen to try the wontons and buns! Love this place!

Shanghai Street Dumpling Food 9 Ambience 9

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Shanghai Street Dumplings, Wontons and Noodle on Urbanspoon

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