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Seddon Deadly Sins - One of Melbourne's Best


Seddon Deadly Sins is a funky cafe in Seddon with a clever name and a culinary excellence. Seddon has become a cafe haven these days and Seddon Deadly Sins is one of the finest.  The decor and menu isn't predictable (presented inside a little Golden Book). Locals love this place for its style and for its dining spaces (including the outdoor courtyard).


Seddon Deadly Sins has a cool ambience with great use of timber and glistening varnish on the tables. Interesting figures and quirky pieces adorn. I enjoyed the distressed wall, Phantom comics wallpaper, red lamps and cabinets with tasty treats. The mood is alternative and this includes the music selection.



Feeling like a hearty breakfast I chose the Poached eggs and hash brown with chorizo on sourdough. Note the generous serving of hash brown. These guys make a killer hash brown that has some crunch. Eggs perfectly cooked and tasty chorizo. I enjoyed my breakfast and could have chosen the Pancakes, Bruschetta or Eggs Benedict...



Seddon Deadly Sins is known for its coffee excellence. Some cafes are known more for their coffee than food, however at Seddon Deadly Sins both coffee and food are top notch. Also known here for some creative latte art.

Daily specials appear on its legendary specials board. Apart from the creative dishes and descriptions, I dig the writing style here...



Seddon Deadly Sins is one of the best cafes in Melbourne let alone the West. 


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