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Section 8 - Cool Bar and Killer Hot Dog

Section 8 has an amazing ambience and reminds me of the set from Mad Max. It's a grungy and artistic space with wire and artwork and large barrels and benches. It's a bar that offers much including impressive Vietnamese cuisine from the restaurant next door.

It seems of late there's been a renaissance of hot dogs for "adult" tastes. 

Little does much of Melbourne know that Section 8 presents one of Melbourne's finest hot dogs every Friday from 12-3pm. This is the ultimate "adult" hot dog. It's just so so good!

For a start it includes a massive sausage - but not just any sausage - but a thick pork and fennel sausage made by a fine butcher.

The sausage is ridiculously good - with the seeds of the fennel seen as you open up the sausage. It's a sausage with a pleasingly high meat content. 

The coup de grat is the double rum mango and tamarind sauce. That's right. As Pauly the chef remarked, "we have a lot of rum cause we're a bar - so why not put it to good use". And it's good rum - Sailor Jerry rum and Appleton's Estate rum.

To add to the adult theme, Section 8 includes a punchy red Sambal relish on its burgers. Then there's the quality gherkin and BBQ onions.

The good news is that all the extras are included in the very reasonable price of $8 for this hot dog sensation.

The BBQ itself is an absolute classic. Pauly's beast was made by a local welding artist and contains sections of shopping trolley as part of the framework.

The whole hot dog concept has been going since about Sept 2011 and doesn't look like abating with huge demand. Pauly says they serve these hot dogs rain, hail or shine.

Just pay at the bar and grab a ticket and take it to Pauly.

Of course Section 8 has a full bar. A great liaison is with the restaurant next door to order Vietnamese food and they bring it down to you.


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