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Sally's Kitchen - Sally Loves Cooking

Sally’s Kitchen is a brilliant restaurant for fine food, wonderful ambience, and great service. Local office workers and business professionals love it! Sally is friendly and passionate about the food and dining experience. This adds to it all! The website says Sally is looking to “share her knowledge and love of cooking. The menu is a combination of different cuisines (and Sally’s experiences of cooking for family and friends).”


Great options for breakfast including the creamy scrambled eggs and pork and fennel sausage! Also love the sour dough and preserves (make themselves) with French butter! At lunch you can get a great sandwich or a risotto and many other great choices!

Coffee from Sally’s Kitchen is superb! My large latte was just so impressive in terms of taste and cream, not to mention latte art! The website says ‘Sally’s Kitchen uses their organically grown blend which carries Fairtrade certification which ensures the growers are paid a price which covers the costs of production and provides funds for education and community services. Taken to a full espresso roast, this coffee has a creamy body, medium, acidity, some gamey fruit and an earthy, spicy complexity. Suitable for all brewing methods but best as espresso in milk.”

There is a fabulous ambience here with dim lighting, dark wooden floor and tables, and ambient music filtering over diners. You can also settle out the front next to exhibition St on a fine day or go to the high communal table to read the paper.

Sally’s Kitchen, 295 Exhibition Street CBD – Café - Food 9 Coffee 9 Ambience 9


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