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Sakura Kaiten - Sublime Sushi Train

Sakura Kaiten Sushi is arguably Melbourne's best sushi train. For a start it has a chic ambience with modern fit out and dark tiles and light fittings. 

The food is sublime. Pull up a chair and settle in to the sushi train. Join a line of professionals on their lunch break. Sakura Kaiten gets packed out - the sushi train gets as full as peak hour Melbourne trains (well, not quite).

Price is based on 3 types of coloured plate. As the dishes go around on the train I am mesmorised - what to have. I see a dish I like over the other side then have to wait for dish to come past me. I lose sight of my favoured dish in the process. And et distracted by new dishes I see. So hard to concentrate after a hard day in the office.

I selected a few plates for lunch and was excited by the fare before me.

The Sushi with salmon is top class and super fresh.

The Tempura chicken was a generous amount of chicken pieces superbly cooked with a light batter and aoli sauce. I love this kind of dish - delicate but flavoursome.

The Pork Mince Balls were on skewers and also lightly battered. These were outstanding. They didn't look like mince balls but they're hidden by the batter.

Staff are friendly and engaging and will politely explain the sushi train procedure. 

When you finish the meal they will take a tally from the plates before you and bring your ticket to the counter.

For a class lunch and enjoyable experience I highly recommend Sukara Kaiten.


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Tuesday, 13 October 2015
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