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Rowena Parade Corner Store - Charming Greek Influences in Richmond

Rowena Parade Corner Store has that authentic feel of a "local" and is a part of the iconic history of Richmond. I love how the milk bars of yesteryear are enhanced to cater for modern needs. This Greek influenced cafe is another Richmond classic. You don't have to be Einstein to see that the early morning crowd is made up of regulars who just love this place.


Rowena Parade Corner Store is a cafe and a store. There are food products on shelves along the walls to make for a colourful and appealing atmosphere. The staff are more engaging than most and regularly smile - yes smile! What's with that? Rowena Parade Corner Store is definitely a convivial happy place. And I love it.


Rowena Parade Corner Store has an exceptionate although simple breakfast menu. Check out this BELTAC (bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato, egg, avo and tasty cheese)... Really great. Also check out the Greek-inspitred lunch options, the foccacia's, ciabatta's sausage rolls and pies, and the wonderful burgers!!!


Rowena Parade Corner Store makes a superb latte in retro mugs...


Rowena Parade Corner Store has some great quirky retro pieces like this "takeaway" sign... Also love the retro chairs and tables and the Greek scene on the wall, not to mention the Mamma's Kitchen sign and the chandelier...


Rowena Parade Corner Store is a haven and a cafe to be celebrated... It's not unilke a Greek easygoing atmosphere with a friendly touch. Highly recommended.


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Saturday, 10 October 2015
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