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Rose Garden BBQ - One of the Best Chinese Eats

One of the best Chinese restaurants for value and quality in Melbourne. The cuisine is so tasty and portions are large. The sort of place you will want to return to. It's so good that you don't mind sharing a table with 2 or 3 complete strangers. Communal dining. It's all good.

Sure the décor is modest with bright red and orange walls and tables packed in a smallish space. People that eat here rave about Rose Garden. It attracts a loyal following because of its amazing dishes and the excellent value for money (most under $10).

I ventured down to Rose Garden and found I had to line up on a Tuesday lunchtime. The staff came out and assured me the wait would not be long. A guy in front of me in the queue was raving about how this was a Melbourne institution and was worth the line up wait. He started talking about the spicy fried chicken ribs with such passion that I was always going to order it…

Sitting at a communal table for 4 with 3 strangers was a bit of a classic. Humorous that it’s called a shop! I’ve never been to a BBQ shop before! Once you start on the spicy chicken ribs with rice you don’t care what the place is called. You don’t care about the crowded space or even sharing a communal table. Love thy neighbour! Even if you’re neighbour keeps coughing as you eat you don’t care! And you don’t care if there are different sets of neighbours by the time you finish the meal. Because the food is amazing!

I love how they post a Rose Garden top 10 meal list for all to see. Chart topping Asian cuisine! Surprised maybe to see the spice green beans with minced pork meal at no 1 with duck and rice coming in at no 2. The guy eating opposite me had the duck and it looked superb.

My fried chicken ribs were just so good. Crispy fried chicken without being too dry inside… A generous amount of wings was great! I didn’t care about etiquette and started picking up ribs and eating them with my hands – to the horror of the rest of the communal table.

Service was excellent – for getting me a table quickly when there was a long queue, and for bringing me free tea, for wiping down tables quickly after people left, for recommending dishes to me, for knowing my bill as I walked up to the counter, and for a waitress keen to know if I’d enjoyed the experience!Love it!

Rose Garden BBQ Shop, 435 Elizabeth Street CBD – Chinese - Food 9 Ambience 8.5


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Guest - Kenny @ on Tuesday, 10 January 2012 22:45

Hey, the Top 10 Meal list is a great idea!

Hey, the Top 10 Meal list is a great idea!
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