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Postal Hall - Cafe Gem on Russell St!

Great little café on Russell St delivers excellent coffee and value breakfasts! This place is full of character, not just because of the décor. The manager (owner?) is a real character who loves to engage each customer!

For example, he asked me whether I wanted the full breakfast as soon as I walked in. But he did it in such a way that involved humour. As I was deciding on the options he quipped “time’s up!” That could offend some people but it made me laugh. Of course I ordered a large breakfast!

The breakfast itself was excellent with well cooked eggs, bacon and tomato on quality bread. The value was also excellent! The coffee was a feature and they pride themselves as coffee purists. A young barista made me a sensational latte.

Love the floating/suspended Postal Hall signage with the large clock! In a great part of the city the Postal Hall is not without ambience. Local favourite with office workers and professionals.

Postal Hall, 116 Russell St, CBD - Cafe - Food 9 Coffee 9 Ambience 9

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