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Peko Peko - Japanese Bliss on Smith Street!


Love this Japanese restaurant in the heart of Smith St Collingwood! Walking down Smith St looking for a decent lunch I was drawn by the modern look. Peko Peko has a chic ambience. Love the wooden chairs and tables, use of plants and materials. And the artwork. And the mysterious stairway.

Peko Peko belongs on the increasingly trendy Smith St. I love that Smith St has become such an exciting place for Japanese cuisine. Of course ambience is enhanced by gazing out through the windows onto eclectic Smith Street.

Having entered the restaurant I was surprised at how small Peko Peko really is! How would I go coming here on a busy night without booking? There were a couple of work groups sitting near me. And the odd lone diner like myself interspersed. I suspect Peko Peko is a local favourite.

Peko Peko apparently means “I’m hungry!” in Japanese. This describes me at the best of times, and I was here to have my fill!



Time for a Don! I ordered my Lemongrass teriyaki don meal from the friendly waitress. While I was waiting for my food a number of keen locals came in for sushi take away packs. These all seemed to be pre-orders. Great idea for lunch!

People rave about the soft shell crab here. I was in the mood for a mother of a plate of teriyaki chicken so passed this time on the crab.

The lemongrass teriyaki chicken don was great! The chicken was tender and well cooked. Clean fresh flavours! The lemongrass wasn’t overpowering. Quite a large bowl and generous portion – certainly for lunch! I loved the presentation and flavour combination. Everything was so fresh!


Peko Peko was for me a funky Japanese dining experience. One that I thoroughly enjoyed!

Peko Peko, 199 Smith St Collingwood – Japanese - Food 9 Ambience 9


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Tuesday, 13 October 2015
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