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PappaRich - Malaysian Fare In A Restaurant That Works

PappaRich is a satisfying group of restaurants that brings quality Malaysian cuisine to our city. Having lived with a foodie Malaysian family for a season in my life I am crazy about Malaysian food. The matriach in this family was kind of like a Mamma Rich as she was a great mamma cook and a rich Malaysian property investor. In any case this kind of cuisine is like comfort food to me...


PappaRich restaurants are busy and attract diners for their service, ambience and consistent quality cuisine. This is not 3 hat dining nor is it supposed to be. It's great to be greeted at the door and shown to a table. From there you record your order on the form. The options include rice dishes, soups, roti, noodles, vegetarian dishes and the like...  


I ordered the popular Chicken rice - sounds innocuous enough - but comes impressively presented with soft chicken pieces, large portion of tasty rice and salad on the side. Not to mention a thin chicken broth in a bowl. For only $11.95 for the lot this was great value. The chicken was superb and so tender, and I loved the flavoured rice and the decent quantity. The little bowls of chilli and soy were also excellent. Fresh, flavoursome, well cooked and presented, and above all IT CAME OUT FAST... A winner.


PappaRich loves to steam things up in the open kitchen...

Here is another view at PappaRich - well presented meal with waiters in uniform, modern fit out, open kitchen and well set out spacious restaurant. The addition of booths is also great for small groups. Not in this picture, but a large TV on the wall is an interesting feature - I'm not a big fan of large TV's in restaurants (unless they are playing live Sport and I want to watch the game).


PappaRich also has a cool outdoor area that on this day was sparse due to the mild weather. Check out this guy who is ready to greet any customer and answer questions before they enter the restaurant...

After QV, Chadstone and Doncaster another PappaRich is due to open near my stomping ground in Nunawading... Good news.

PappaRich is well organised, has a wide ranging satisfying menu and is a pleasant place to meet with people. It just works.

PappaRich QV on Urbanspoon PappaRich Chadstone on Urbanspoon PappaRich Doncaster on Urbanspoon

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Guest - spohie yumyum on Tuesday, 20 November 2012 02:48

they're opening one up in glen waverley too!

they're opening one up in glen waverley too!
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Saturday, 10 October 2015
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