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Pacos Tacos - New Sensation in Bourke St!

Pacos Tacos has just opened up at 500 Bourke St after much anticipation!

Incredibly I heard about the opening of Pacos Tacos before it opened. Rarely had their been such build up and speculation as to what was to replace the Movida Terraza when it closed. New restaurant openings in Melbourne are just about the biggest news in the country! This was to be a bright new concept!

So I made the pilgrimage from my office in Swanston Street to salubrious 500 Bourke one lunchtime. From several trips to USA and Mexico I've felt the Melbourne scene has lacked in the area of Mexican cuisine - until recently! Pacos Tacos rekindled for me some memorable meals I'd experienced in downtown Ensenada in Baji California Mexico. I still recall those amazing fish tacos from street stalls in such an eclectic city.

I also recall amazing Mexican cuisine in places like San Clemente in USA where awesome salsa is placed on your table when you arrive at the restaurant as a given. Where the salsa was so good I just wanted to consume bowls of it all night without looking at the rest of the menu (well, not quite).

Pacos Tacos illicits sweet memories for me of these kind of experiences in Mexican food heartlands. Here we have super fresh tacos at reasonable prices. At Pacos Tacos all tacos are $6 - very reasonable! The sort of place you want to come with friends on a sunny day and enjoy the ambience while ordering a selection of fresh tasty and imaginative Mexican delights! And maybe some sangria. It brings a sense of fun without the full fine dining experience (already covered at other Movida destinations).

The tacos selection is excellent! Tough choosing between the beef tacos and pork tacos, and even vegetarian tacos. I loved the duck tacos and the prawn tacos - very tasty and served with lime (like in Mexico). I'm not familiar with duck tacos as a traditional tacos offering, but found this to be an awesome addition. Loved the lime marinated red onion with the roasted duck.  Fresh fish or prawns in a taco is always great! Loved the kick of salsa verde with the prawn tacos. The salsa and chips was also fresh and reasonably priced. And the nachos a winner!

How many tacos to order? I normally go for 3 but could easily eat 6. It's a great concept for office workers because you leave Pacos Tacos satisfied but not feeling heavy for the afternoon session.

I loved the ambience of Pacos Tacos! Queues at the counter lengthened as the keen lined up at lunchtime. I asked the guy at the counter where to sit, and he said "just wherever you can sit or stand". Yes, stand! Although there are several tables, finding a seat can be an undertaking. People were squeezing in to a communal table. People standing at the bar. People nestling on a ledge near garden pieces. The place was packed!

Service is a feature with staff clearing tables and being attentive (even though you order at the counter).

Love the colourful decor including the bright yellow cage like structure and the colourful chairs.

All round this was a great experience. So thought many nearby office professionals and the trendy CBD lunch goers.

500 Bourke St – Mexican - Food 9.5 Ambience 9.5


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Guest - Matt on Friday, 26 October 2012 08:06

Thx for the review I'm going to check it out

Thx for the review I'm going to check it out
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Friday, 09 October 2015
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