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Pacific Seafood BBQ House - Delivering Asian Flavours With Aplomb


Pacific Seafood BBQ House is a popular eatery in Victoria Street, the CBD and South Yarra -  and the cuisine has impressed customers for some years. When it gets down to it, some well cooked seafood and BBQ fare is just the ticket on any day. Who doesn't love flavoursome BBQ taste? 

The menu reveals a few different styles including Cantonese and Shichuan. Order a hot pot, or a whole flounder. The menu selection is amazing. This is reinforced by the many menu items wrtitten colourfully on posters on the wall (written in both English and Chinese).

For mine I was keen to eat the BBQ pork with rice, a mainstay I often order. It was a toss up between that and the BBQ duck (looking inviting in the window). Having explained to the waiter I didn't have long for lunch , the food literally arrived within a couple of minutes. It was just a matter of cutting up the pork into slices to go on the rice with accompaniments.


The BBQ pork had the crispy skin, enjoyable fat (without being too much) and succulent meat inside. It had been a hard day in the office and this was comfort food. The rice was also cooked perfectly. I enjoy the play of the succulent and crispy pork with the crunch of the bok choy and the rice with sauce from the pork all over it.


The free tea and soup was a bonus. It would be hard to leave here hungry.

The staff were friendly and helpful and responded to my request for quick service as I had limited time.

The fit out is pleasant with timber chairs and plenty of space. The "artwork" is the colourful menu items on the wall.

With the menu offering a range from comfort food to sophisticated dishes, this is a place that will take many visits to sample the spectrum. I can understand why people keep coming back.

I am keen to try both their South Yarra and Lonsdale restaurants that I have passed several times. I can only speak about the Victoria St restaurant which is recommended.


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