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Olympic Doughnuts - Footscray Institution


Olympic Doughnuts is a doughnut haven and Footscray institution housed in a humble caravan. These are "old school" hot doughnuts that have transcended into the 21st Century as an honest tasty if not politically incorrect product. Loads of dough and sugar and packed with rich jam. These are the sort of doughnuts you see less often these days in preference for sleek light and sophisticated cold doughnuts. I enjoy both.


Olympic Doughnuts takes up its prime position at Footscray Railway Station. How handy it is for students and train travellers. I would find it hard to walk past this caravan if I were catching the train (and annoy passengers with the aroma of piping hot donuts). The value is fantastic - only 80 cents for a doughnut - 1970s prices... There's a cute sign in the shop - 5 doughnuts equals $4 and so on. It's not until it gets to 10 doughnuts that you can get a small discount.

The olympic logo is interesting - hopefully vetted by the Olympic Committee. Doughnut eating could be part of the Olympic Games methinks...


Olympic Doughnuts is famous for its dolphin jam dispenser. Very cool. Watch the staff roll the doughnut in the sugar and inject the jam.

What impressed me was the 10 doughnuts I purchased were neatly packaged in a paper bag with a twist on the ends to keep the heat, then inserted into a plastic bag. Great for transport back to the office. Olympic Doughnuts has often provided the right fuel for office workers. 

Olympic Doughnuts evoked childhood memories -  the excitement of me rushing up to colourful doughnut caravans at shows for hot doughnuts. Then again, I've never left the doughnut world... Highly recommended.

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