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Nhu Lan - Bakery Bliss in Footscray


Nhu Lan is another eatery that shines in Footscray in serving tasty honest fare that hits the mark. Cheap eats haven. As a bakery it has a wide range of offerings including cakes and buns but the highlight is the bahn mi rolls. The staff call out "Next?" and then someone will shout out "Pork roll!" or "Ham roll!" from the thronging crowd.


Nhu Lan always seems to have a solid line up of three or four deep. That says it all. The menu is on the board and it has descriptions and pictures of the fare. Come here for a magnificent BBQ pork bahn mi roll for... wait for it... only $4. And this is freshly cooked BBQ pork - not just the sandwich slices that some places serve. In fact the staff got out the large knife and chopped up the large slab of succulent pork in front of me. These are some of the best bahn mi I've had in Melbourne. 

The French style baguette is given a lightness and a crispy crust, combining superbly with the Viet ingredients. The generous smear of pate and the fresh crispy cucumber and carrot etc satisfy. And the pork is perfectly cooked. I like to add chilli for extra kick...


Nhu Lan operates efficiently with a team of staff working together to get a high turnout of rolls. You can arrive in this packed bakery only to get your lunch a few minutes later.


To be honest I find it hard to order a ham roll - I'd rather stick to the awesome BBQ pork than a Westernised bahn mi. All the rolls at Nhu Lan are only $4. This is a great lunch and light on the wallet. Grab yourself a custard tart or two or a meringue...

Nhu Lan is a warm and brilliant Vietnamese bakery in Footscray. Highly recommended.

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