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Mr Tulk - Amazing Cafe at State Library!


Who would have thought such an amazing cafe would be part of the library? But this is cultural Melbourne. Named after an ex-librarian - Mr Tulk would have been proud that such a hip café could be named after a librarian! Love the decor and the high ceilings! This is a great use of space. To be honest it's great to dine in a spacious cafe…

Great coffee here, nice and creamy... Had an outstanding lunch here with my wife and daughter. People rave about the flatbreads here and righly so.  But the main meals are sensational. The duck salad was exceptional, being generous pieces of warm duck, along with smaller pieces of crispy duck for crunch. This on top of rocket lettuce with walnuts and pink grapefruit! And a quality dressing… It was magnificent. The crab salad on the table next to me also looked amazing! Having said all that, I love the meatball flatbread – takes the balls out of meatballs and flattens them into just meat…

Mr Tulk is a great place to meet people. Came here to meet a good friend, who managed to get a park across the road, and once again proved to be a great atmosphere for a chat and some ambience. My friend ordered the tortilla which turned out to be a Spanish tortilla made with egg. Came in a pn with toast and was sensational! I had the duck salad again seeing that it was so good last time. A feature was the candied walnut.

 People love to sit outside at the tables facing La Trobe St on a sunny Melbourne day. One of the best little pockets in Melbourne.

The service here is consistently excellent. You can order at the counter or sit down in the upstairs section and have your order taken. The upstairs section features a large communal table. It's always a winner when you can score a table upstairs for extra ambience and for privacy. 


Mr Tulk, State Library of Victoria 328 Swanston St CBD – Café - Food 9  Coffee 9 Ambience 9


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