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Monsieur Truffe - Melbourne's Best Chocolate?


Magnifique! French café at it’s best! In fact loving the French sophistication on Smith St – hoping it will soon translate to the Collingwood Cheer Squad. Surrounded by chocolate for serious chocolate lovers!

Is this Melbourne’s best house of chocolate? Great coffee served in huge bowl (that would be the large coffee)… Fresh croissants and cakes are amazing… They actually make and bake a whole lot of their selections on site. Feel the freshness! I usually go for a chocolate croissant, which comes with fresh flaky croissant and doesn’t hold back on the chocolate! Was a staple of mine when I worked in East Melbourne.

Love the French and uber feel here! Cool to sit at a stool and gaze out into eclectic Smith St. Or sit inside at one of the tables and read the paper. Monsieur Truffe is famous for it’s hot chocolates. Chocolate for sale is a winner especially when it’s top shelf gourmet chocolate.

I love they make chocolate using world best ingredients. I love how they label chocolate with percentages eg 72% dark chocolate. Even 67% would still impress me…

Also a macaroon haven.

In recent times they’ve branched out more on the breakfast with eggs and salmon and the like…

The ambience is great to sit and read the morning paper amid such sophistication and passion. Or popular to sit at one of the window seats and enjoy the eclectic scene on Smith St.

I found the service to be really friendly and overheard some French speaking on occasions. Monsieur Truffe screams class and elegance and is a magnificent part of the Smith St scene…


Monsieur Truffe, 90 Smith St – Café -  Food 9 Coffee 9 Ambience 9



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