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Mister Dorayaki - Traditional Japanese Pancakes in Box Hill


I love the culinary scene at Box Hill, with its exciting variety and fresh new things! Mister Dorayaki is a great new concept in Box Hill Centro offering traditional Japanese pancakes with awesome fillings! I was intrigued by this place during some Box Hill market shopping – what is it all about? For only $2.90 a pancake or 2 for $5 you get something resembling a pancake sandwich with tasty filling oozing out of the centre. They make it for you fresh on the spot before your eyes. These pancakes are delish! And one or two of them hits the spot in terms of a snack.

Mister Dorayaki also offers the Dorayaki and ice cream options., as well as savoury and sweet waffles.

The website describes it as, “Dorayaki, a pancake-like pastry filled with sweet and savoury fillings, is one of the most traditional iconic foods of Japan. Mister Dorayaki is the first shop in Melbourne to bring this new creation of delicious flavours and textures to be enjoyed any time. Each dorayaki is created carefully on our traditional Japanese hot plate, served warm and guaranteed to fulfil your cravings.

They pour the pastry/pancake and filling into a baking tray then cook it – only takes a minute or two. Then they hand it to you in a bag – or you can dine in.

Love the custard pancakes or the red bean pancakes. I want to come back for more! Other flavours include chocolate, tuna and mayo, cream cheese, coffee and green tea. Love it!


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Guest - deb on Saturday, 07 April 2012 07:05

The 'pancakes' in the picture are called Imagawayaki.

The 'pancakes' in the picture are called Imagawayaki.
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Saturday, 10 October 2015
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