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Mister Close - Quality Fare in City Heartland

Mister Close is a fabulous cafe in the Mid City Centre off Bourke Street. It has a gourmet touch and is a known foodie haven. To see such quality in an arcade like that is inspiring. 

The fit out is modern with large sleek counter and cool tiles with wavy modern timberwork above. The spotlights create mood. The little space out the back is also very cool.

Mister Close has one of the best breakfast menus around. Choose from the large board behind the counter or the printed menu. Breakfast options include The Fast Breaker, Corn fritters, Favo Toast, Bananarama Bread, Quinoa porridge and the Piece of Resistance.

The lunch menu attracts nearby office workers and includes soups, sandwiches and salads.

Coffee here is also sublime. Coming from Campos this is no surprise.

The story goes that Mister Close was a former geography teacher of the owners. Hence the map and National Geographic magazines on display.


Mister Close is a CBD sensation located right in the middle of the city.

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