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Miss Polly - Sophistication in Brittania Mall


Miss Polly is a great place to catch up friends, enjoy a coffee after shopping or even come for a special occasion. In recent times the Brittania Mall has undergone pleasant changes and is now a worthy café strip.

Mitcham and the Eastern suburbs needs cafes such as Miss Polly (that could easily be dropped into the CBD – coffee bean district). The ambience seemed French to me… Wasn’t sure if there was a connection with the nursery rhyme, the film, or none of these…

Love their description on their Facebook page – “Miss Polly is a new funky cafe in Britannia Mall Mitcham. The decor is bright, homey and very cosy...yet with a sophistication to it. Miss Polly serves fair trade and organic Toby's Estate coffee and hot-chocolate. Only free-range eggs from south gippsland are used, which are delicious. And only fresh and great quality produce. With a great breakfast and lunch all day menu and freshly baked cakes, muffins and scones every morning...Miss Polly has something to suit everyone.

We came here after I’d just got out of Box Hill Hospital for an operation. I’d been subjected to some fairly average food in hospital so I was in the mood for a positive review when we rolled up to Miss Polly. I had been hoping that Shannon Bennett might open up something in our public hospitals like he’s done at airports and art galleries. The thought of that concept still excites me!

Miss Polly offers a modern café experience with appealing area indoors as well as nice ambience at the outdoor tables in the mall. I was thinking of sitting near the large window looking over the mall, but noticing there were umbrellas protecting us from the sun, we headed to an outdoor table.

We ordered the pancakes and the chicken baguette, as well as coffee. The pancakes were wonderful! In my opinion pancakes are a humble meal yet many places get them wrong. These were fluffy quality pancakes with a pile of large healthy strawberries on top and delish syrup.

The chicken baguette was good without being amazing (say like the poached chicken baguette at Mr Tulk) with excellent fresh bread and chicken with shallots.

Other popular options include the steak sandwich, the Something Salmon, and the Lemonade scones.

Coffee here is excellent – which is a bonus for those of us who live in the precinct. And the kids love the hot chocolate! I’ve been here just to enjoy a coffee… The Toby’s coffee is a winner as I love Toby’s coffee! The latte art can be wild – love some great latte art!

We had a great time sitting in Brittania Mall with the Mitchamites – unfortunately a little boy from the table next to us ran amok and interfered with adjoining diners. The mother seemed powerless and ended up spectating. Not to worry, we soldiered on…

Staff here are friendly and are “foodie” types. Will be back…

Miss Polly, 26 Brittania Mall Mitcham - Cafe – Food 8.5 Coffee 9 Ambience 9


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