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Madame Mango - Quirk and Charm in Camberwell

Madame Mango is an conic cafe in Camberwell on Burke Road, pleasing with its ambience as much as its cuisine. I found my experience here refreshing due to the homely yet chic atmosphere and the engaging service from the waitress and the manager.

I walked in and noticed a "cafe with a restaurant tone" with expensive looking wallpaper and lamp shades and the advent of a chandelier in the second room. There's no lack of space here with two rooms and a courtyard, as well as an area on Burke Street. The manager tells me they will open up the courtyard soon in Spring for a couple of nights a week. Yes Madame Mango is about to do evening work.

I enjoyed the leather bench and mango looking orange cushions, old clock on the wall, classic display cabinet and that wallpaper.

Breakfast all day is a phrase that thrills me. Madame Mango has a good range of breakfast options including muesli, pancakes and the Breakfast Burger. I love a good breakfast burger and found this one to be excellent with perfectly runny poached eggs and bacon well cooked. 

The coffee here is also excellent. I noticed a menu board on the wall but I took my cue from the menu on the door (with mango coloured frame). The lunch options also looked enticing.

To my right there was a businessman with his young daughter enjoying breakfast and I thought this is a great place to meet with friends or family. By the way I'm amazed at how many school students frequent Camberwell cafes in the mornings. More sophistication than when I was at school.

The manager was engaging and I enjoyed a brief chat. Sometimes cafe experiences can be impersonal but Madame Mango is a refreshing homely yet slightly chic pleasure.  


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