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Lorca - Spanish Bliss in Centre Place


Lorca is a standout Spanish and Portuguese influenced café in groovy Centre Place surrounded by cafes and more cafes. I’m convinced it’s named after Federico Lorca the Spanish poet, dramatist, and theatre director because his quotes appear on the blackboard. The ambience is excellent here with staff with character, funky music, great open plan café which extends to the lane, and great coffee!

I thought it must be hard to create a great ambience at 8am on a weekday morning but Lorca staff are friendly and bustling from the word “go”. Great to read the paper with a coffee out on the lane or sit at the distressed communal table. There’s an old sangria bottle in the corner and quirky pieces on the wall. On the blackboard are Spanish and Portuguese menu options that are delightful.

Lorca offer great breakfast and lunch options. The Big breakfast is a hit with chorizo. Or grab some Sourdough fruit toast. In fact several options here include chorizo – which is all the rage these days. The coffee here is of a high quality.

Lorca, 9 Centre Place CBD – Spanish - Food 8.5 Coffee 8.5 Ambience 9


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Tuesday, 13 October 2015
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